2021 Pure Stock Tire Rule

Seekonk Speedway is excited to introduce a spec tire into the pure stock division in 2021. Working with American racer we feel we have a tire that’s has been tested and has proven itself in both durability and repeatability. The selected tire is the American Racer 26.5/8.0-15 J460A.

The pure stock division has been a great way for new racers to get involved in racing. It has been around for many years first starting as the Pro enduro’s in the early 2000’s. Though the years with not many rule changes the division has picked up speed though better setups on the cars and the drivers themselves learning more on how to turn faster laps. 

There comes a time when a division can outgrow certain rules not by choice but more of safety. We see that the DOT radial tire rule has surpassed it’s use with the demand that gets put on them by the teams. 

Our main goal in this is to not add more costs in tires being replaced on the cars. But we do want to see the cars race with more stability on the track and be able to perform better to the drivers input without any tire prep being done for performance gain.    

The new tire rule will go into effect for this season. All teams will have the choice of using the American race tire only or their current tires for this season only. There will be no mixing of tires allowed. This is more a safety decision to not mix bias ply with radials.

The speedway has confirmed the first order to be in before the first scheduled practice for Fast Fridays on May 7th. And then another order before the opener on May 28th.

All teams will be allowed 4 tires for their first purchase when released and another 4 when the next shipment is in.

The pricing of the American Racer tire is $85 ea. with tax. Once the first to shipments are sold the pricing will go to $90 ea. We want to help each team with their first purchase of tires to get things going. Tires will be sold on Wednesdays and Fridays only with no mounting available to help keep the costs down. 

We will release more information on when sales will start. 

Thank you and we look forward to the start of racing this season.