Please note new rules updated for Sportsman on April 7 2020.

 Rules Amendment 4.5.20 

A change was made to the idler arm & center link. Please review this as it will replace the correct 5.5 rule. 

5.5 *SPINDLES & STEERING COMPONETS: Approved listed – Stock or After-market CAST IRON ONLY spindles must adapt stock rotors, calipers. 3-piece GM metric spindles (No light weight). Calipers must be behind ball joints. Stock type adjustable idler arm or location maybe adjustable. Inner & outer tie rods must be stock tapered type (no heims). Adjusting sleeves maybe be changed steel or aluminum. Center links maybe stock or aftermarket. Inner pivot locations for tie rods must be kept stock +/- ½” (Metric 13”/Camaro 15”) Center links must be of one piece design, slug inserts permitted. Aftermarket center links approved. Allstar performance P/N: ALL56330 or ALL56331 / Keyser P/N: 100-19902 or 100-19900 / Howe P/N: 23399 or 23396. Center link brace bar permitted. 

Any questions can be directed to Chris Dumont or myself. 

Thank You, 

David Alburn