These rules govern over tires purchased to race and practice and do not change anything on the tire

usage rule and a team’s TCA. These are two different rules.

Teams can purchase no more than eight (8) tires per week (up to May 5th) that will be raced. (These

tires can be used in tire inventory towards TCA)

Teams can purchase no more than eight (8) practice tires per week during the season, tires will be

marked practice only. (These tires CANNOT be used in tire inventory)

Total number of race and practice tires purchased within a week cannot exceed eight (8) at any time

Teams can ONLY have (12) twelve tires purchased to race by May 5th. After the first race teams that

have reached (12) can only purchase up to (4) tires each week to follow. Teams that have not reached

(12) can purchase the amount needed to reach (12) plus the (4) tires allowed per week. Still maximum

tires to be purchased cannot exceed (8)

Tires sales begin Saturday April 6th hours 10am to 1pm. Tire sales will be done at the track pit booth.

Wednesday tire sales will begin April 10th hours 4pm to 7pm at pit booth and will continue on each

Wednesday. Tire sales can be canceled do to in climate weather. Sign up for rainout notifications.

Friday sales will open up when Fast Fridays begin on May 31st. Times 5 – 8pm

Tires sold on Wednesdays & Fridays will not be mounted.

Tires sold on Saturdays (except April 6th) will have personal on hand to mount tires.

Download the rule here: