David Westgate showed him the form that has brought him previous championships by weaving his way from a sixteenth place start to take the lead on lap fifteen of the 20 circuits then hold off Alexander Manuel and Christine Cavallaro to the checkers. Joey Wordell led the race until Westgate moved him off the front and continued for a fourth place finish. Jordan Lopes was fifth.

Wordell jumped off the pole as Lopes went from third around Arthur Meack IV and they did a lap of door-to-door until Lopes dropped in and was all over his bumper. Outside Polesitter, Christine Simpson was caught outside and falling back as Lopes and Christine Cavallaro went under and Tim Bolger, Jr. got by Henry Lavalle into fifth. Westgate was not doing as well, as he fell from tenth to twelfth as Manuel and Chirs Pacheco stormed by, but collected himself, then began to progress forward, clipping of a position each lap.

At the front Wordell was solidifying his lead as Lopes looked under him down the backstretch. Meack was fading and Christine Cavallaro was surveying his bumper. Simpson joined to make a four- wide briefly on lap four. Lopes grabbed Wordell’s bumper and Cavallaro filled third. Lopes looked under Wordell down the backstretch on lap five, then got ahead on turn four. Wordell filled in between Lopes and Cavallaro as Lavalle came up to fourth with Michael Glad on his bumper, but now Westgate was sitting in sixth and looking to move up.

The order remained unchanged into lap eleven. But there was contact and Joey Morissette was around in turn four and Simpson bouned off her. Cavallaro spun after the caution flew, seeking to avoid, but made no contact.
On the restart, Lopes and Wordell held the front with Cavallaro and Lavalle behind them. Lopes and Wordell went side-by-side with Lopes gaining the lead in turn one. Wordell dropped in turn four.

Lavalle was running outside Cavallaro, but getting very wide in the turns. Westgate was working outside Glad behind them and pushing his nose ahead. As Lopes led the field into lap 14, Tyler Almeida and last week’s winner, John Lineberger got together in turn four, sending Almeida immediately to the pits. Lineberger and Lavalle also chose to end the evening on that lap.

Lopes and Wordell lined up once more with Cavallaro and Westgate in the second row. Another door-to-door began, but Lopes apparently missed a shift and fell back through the crowd. Wordell grabbed the front and Manuel charged past the milling crowd caught up by Lopes. Lopes dropped into a three-wide outside Glad and Manuel. Manuel pulled into fourth behind Wordell, Westgate and Cavallaro. Lopes was outside Glad, his speed returned and battling for fifth.
Westgate now wrested the lead from Wordell and Manuel went to his outside. Cavallaro, Lopes and Glad pursued. Coming down to the white flag, Westgate was protecting his lead from Manuel, who had Cavallaro on his bumper. Wordell had fallen to fourth, just ahead of Lopes, Samantha Mattera and Glad.

They closed on the finish and Westgate had his win on the evening.
Sixth went to Mattera, followed by Glad, Pacheco, Jason Poitras, Bolger and Mike Lefort.