Ryan Vanasse took a big step in shaking of what has been an inconsistent season for him with a big feature win, going to the front and holding it throughout the race.  He fought off Kevin Folan from the start, Kenny Spencer then Freddy Astle and then Spencer once again at the finish.  Spencer was recorded electronically in front on lap 36 in a final, wheel-to-wheel duel in the closing laps but Vanasse quickly reclaimed his edge in turns one and two, to edge Spencer by .415 seconds.  Kevin Folan, Dick Houlihan and Tom Scully, Jr. rounded out the top five.  Vanasse was perfect on the evening, winning the second Pro Stock heat race over Astle and Spencer.

Folan held the pole spot and Vanasse was on his shoulder.  Leaping away from Bobby Pelland III and Spencer, the two dueled into turn one and Vanasse had the lead coming onto the backstretch.  Folan, kSpencer, Astle and Pelland streamed behind them until Darryl Stampfl looped out of turn four.  Everybody managed to miss the sitting duck, but Scully had his right front quarter ripped up in a collision during the scramble and went pitside.

A spin by Dick Benoit called the first attempt back, and Vanasse took the lead on the second attempt.  Spencer and Astle were wheel-to-wheel behind Folan, Pelland and Mike Brightman followed.  But Elmer Wing rolled to a stop on the backstretch, then went to the pits on the caution.  He was assessed one lap down for what officials adjudged an intentional yellow flag.

Third attempt to restart lap five saw Vanasse to the lead and Spencer got into second, holding Folan on the outside.  Astle dueled Spencer and finally succeeded to second, but by now Vanasse was 12 cars in the lead.629seekonkspeedway001