It came down to a couple veteran Pro Stock champs chasing each other to the finish line in the Trucks division as Bobby Tripp held off Radical Rick Martin for the win.  Josh Hedges’ plan to overtake Tripp for the championship points was spoiled as Hedges flew under the checkers on Martin’s heels, followed by Ed Gannon and Andrew Kun.  Tripp now stands in possesion of 426 points to Hedges’ 398.  While not a mathematical impossibility, Hedges has  a bit of a climb in next week’s regular season ender.

            Tripp worked his way up from eighth; Martin, coming back to trucking after a long absence, started behind him on the grid and Hedges was behind Martin.  Tripp took possesion of the lead on a lap 7 restart from Ed Gannon, who had started on the pole and led the initial distance.  Martin rolled in on his tail three laps later, and they chased each other the rest of the 25 laps to the checkers.

            Gannon leapt off the pole with Lenny Guy running him wheel-to-wheel out of the starting box.  He took the front in tunr one and Mike Duarte slid under Lenny into second. Mike Cavallaro ran fourth just ahead of Rob Murphy.  Hedges slid under Dave Simpson for sixth and Tripp followed him through and jumpoed onto Hedges’ bumper.  But Johnny Silva III spun out and caution ended the moment.

            Gannon had Duarte on his shoulder for the lap four restart.  Guy and Cavallaro followed, just ahead of Murphy and Hedges.  Duarte hung door-to-door with Gannon through three hard laps but in the heat of the moment spun in turn four.  Tripp dodged the chaos, but Hedges wasn’t as lucky, hitting

Duarte a good blow and bouncing into the air a bit.  The top six lined up, which now included Gannon, Guy, Murphy, Cavallaro, Tripp and Hedges.  But now Martin was there with Simpson.

            Gannon shot out of the box and Murphy went under Guy as Tripp ducked under Cavallaro.  One lap in and Gannon, Murphy and Tripp were running nose-to-tail as Guy spun in front of the field.  In seeking to avoid, Kun and Guy got toghether.  In turn two, Nick Testone III  spun and Johnny Silva III piled in, nose-to-nose.  Cavallaro and Murphy headed pitside.  Testone had to be taken off the track in a hammock between two wreckers and Silva also retired on the hook.

            Now Gannon had Tripp on the high side.  Hedges and Marten followed up, with Kun and Simpson in row three.  Murphy returned and joined Guy at the rear of the field.  Gannon and Tripp were door-to-door with Eddie taking a nose in turn two, but Tripp then emptied the whole nine yards and burst down the backstretch into the lead.  Gannon fought halfway back alongside in turn four but Tripp was gone at the stripe. Martin was now on Gannon’s bumper, avidly pursued by Hedges, then kun and Darryl Church.
Brittany Campbell now spun in turn two.  The entire field executed a miracle and dogdged around her.  Now Tripp made the grid at the pole with Gannon outside and Martin was under Hedges.  Tripp quickly took the lead and Martin ducked under gannon and into second. Tripp surged out to a one-car advantage, which was the same Martin held over Gannon.  Cavallaro was getting under Hedges behind them.  Randy Burr pulled into sixth while Duarte continued his comeback from the spint, getting under Church and Murphy rushed up behind them.

            The confrontation between Duarte and Church held the field back as the lead quartet edged away.  Over the following three laps, the order remained the same and the field went single-file.  Kun was battling Hedges from behind.  With nine laps remaining, Tripp led by six cars and Martin had ten lengths on Gannon.  The competition remained ferocious.

            Lap eighteen saw Duarte nosing under Burr, who spun on the backstretch, leading Duarte and Murphy to also spin.

            Tripp and Martin lined at the front for the restart with seven to go.  They vied for position, but Tripp took the lead on the backstretch and Martin dropped in. Behind them, Gannon was underneath Hedges and Kun had Church on his high side.  Kun pulled ahead into fifth but was blocked by the side-by-side pair ahead as they ran under the white flag.

            As the leaders finished, the middle of the pack was on the backstretch and Guy was under Cavallaro.  Suddenly they both swerved up into the middle of the backstretch wall.

            Kun rolled in at the sixth spot.  He was followed by Burr, Duarte, Murphy, Campbell and Simpson.