Michael Toner picked an auspicions time to win his first-ever feature: the Venditti Memorial Fall Classic. Toner came from outside the front row, battling polesitter Tim Ouellette. They battled through the first lap, but Karlin Levesque got loose out of turn four and Eric LeBrun took it into the infield on turn three, bringing caution after a single lap.
Oullette and Toner lined up as before with Levesque and Marissa Morgan backing them up. Scott Serydynski, Jr. and Alexandria Lillie were row three. Ouellette went to the front on the restart, but spun in turn four. He gathered it back up and kept going, but the field had swept by. Toner inherited the lead and the field lined up behind him. He was pursued by Levesque, fresh off his first feature win in the previous outing, Morgan, Lillie and Serydynski. By lap two, the final standings of the top five had already been determined.
Lap four saw Eric LeBrun retire to the pits, while Cassie Meservey took over sixth position, just ahead of Brittany Nichols, Colin McMullen and Luke LeBrun.
Oullette was having difficulties in the rear of the pack and was around on the backstretch on lap five. The restart saw the lead five maintain their positions as Nichols looked under Meservey for sixth place. Nichols claimed the position and a lap later, Oullette got by Meservey for seventh. The field stretched out and was running laps single file.
Lap 16 saw Meservey coming back, as she edged Oullette back and then Nichols took her car to the pits, putting Cassie back into sixth. But Oullette pushed by again and Luke LeBrun followed with two laps remaining. Meservey wasn’t done yet, and pushed past them both to take her sixth place back. But unannounced, newcomer Trenton Goodrow ran past them all to claim sixth at the checkers. Meservey, Ouellette and Luke LeBrun completed the field of cars still in action.