Tyler Thompson held off some heavy challenges from former Street Stock champion Ryan Lineham in the 30 lap Late Model feature. The pair started on the front row, and for 30 laps, kept the pressure on each other, using every inch of the 72′ wide speedway to keep the other behind.

Several times, the pair raced wheel to wheel for the lead, leaning on each other. Only a few laps through the middle of the race did Linham edge out Thompson for the lead, but he would not be able to seal the deal, having the Somerset show edge back in front.

Mark Hudson ran third for much of the early part of the race, only to fall back when Gerry DeGasparre and Dave Hutchins Jr moved past. As the race wore on, Hutchins fell back on the outside, allowing Dylan Estrella and Bobby Pelland III to move into the top five.

1) Tyler Thompson 2) Ryan Lineham 3) Gerry DeGasparre Jr 4) Dylan Estrella 5) Bobby Pelland III 6) Jeramee Lillie 7) Dave Hutchins Jr  Joe Kohler 9) Bill Bernard 10) Mark Hudson 11) Ron Barboza 12) Greg Cotter