Mason Tessier came on in the second half of the Bandolero Outlaw feature to take Brittany Cambell out of the lead, then run the final nine laps to the checkers consistently pulling away from the field. He completed the race 1.2 seconds ahead of Tyler Tomassi in second. Evan Marchand gathered up third while Connor Souza and Campbell rounded out the top five. It was a green-to-checkers run, going the full fifteen laps without caution.

Campbell and Marchand faced off at the green and went door-to-door down the frontstretch. Campbell grabbed the lead in turn one and Tessier got under Marchand into second. Souza followed Marchand, just ahead of Zachary Martinez, Maddie Harkin and Wesley Heard. Tessier immediately began looking for a way under Campbell. Meanwhile, Tyler Thomas roared up to his bumper. By lap 4, Campbell, Tessier and Thomas were running nose-to-tail, a short distance ahead of Marchand and Souza, then Martinez and Harkin.

The field had run out single file and circled the track without changing position until lap six when Tessier confronted Campbell over the lead and pulled ahead in turn one. Tomassi moved into second on his tail, in turn three. Tessier was two up on Tomassi, who went 3 lengths ahead of Campbell.

Tessier continued to improve upon his lead as Souza took third and Marchand moved Campbell out of fourth. As Tessier blazed on, lappng Wesley Heard, Souza and Marchand overhauled Tomassi, running nose-to-tail. Campbell, Martinez and Harkin followed.

The field now ran some fast laps without any passing but the drivers strained to make up lost distance.
With two laps remaining, Tessier had built a twelve-car lead, which he maintained to the finish. With two remaining, Marchand was able to get past Souza for a third place finish, followed across by Souza, Campbell, Martinez, Harkin and Heard.