SYRA ( Seekonk Youth Racing Association)

It’s easy to get involved in SYRA racing. SYRA racing at Seekonk Speedway offers you a chance to get behind the wheel on a 1/3-mile oval race track. The best thing to do is check out this website and then go visit the Seekonk Speedway track. The quickest way to learn at the track is to talk to the SYRA racers. These are the drivers you will race with every week in and week out, if you decide to start racing. You’ll find that most are very friendly and would welcome you into the sport. As an “entry level” class, you’ll find that there are a lot of “newbie’s” in the pits and they’ll be glad to welcome you into the sport.

Established in 2001 Francis Venditti introduced Seekonk Youth Racing Association Division at the Seekonk Speedway. The Seekonk Speedway is a 1/3-mile oval Racetrack in Seekonk, MA.

SYRA allows youth to get behind the wheel at Seekonk Speedway a 1/3-mile oval race track in Seekonk, MA.

This is an entry level division for youths using real (1/2 size scales of Winston Cup NASCAR cars)

SYRA is a Special Division that allows youth an opportunity to experience the full thrill of being on a real Race Track. This is real Racing in real Race cars. These cars are spec, 1/2-size scales of NASCAR cars.

As an official entry level Divisions for youths, SYRA offers:

· SYRA 600 Division: Driver ages between 10 and 14.

· SYRA 750 Division: Driver ages between 14 and 18 and younger drivers with more experience.

This Division is dedicated to allowing youth a unique opportunity and we are pleased to do so. We are also dedicated to maintaining a safe enlivenment for all participants. Including a beginner seminar and full sets of Rules that are strictly enforced.

A closer look at the difference between the two Divisions:

1. SYRA 600 Division: SYRA 600 cars do use a special size Carburetor with a restrictor ( Plate) to limit speed requirement for SYRA 600 Division cars.

2. SYRA 750 Division: SYRA 750 cars do use a different special size Carburetor restrictor ( Plate) to limit speed requirement for SYRA 750 Division cars



2015 SYRA Registration

2015 General Rules

Minor Release Form