Street Stocks

The Street Stock class at Seekonk originated in 1971 for one season, returned in 1974 through 1980, and weekly since 1985. This class is designed for the racer who has a very limited budget. The chassis on these machines are a stock chassis, such as Camaro, mid-1980’s GM cars such as the Grand Prix and Monte Carlos, which are the most common cars out on the track. The modifications allowed are minimal, mostly for safety, and some for competition.

The cars run on a 6” tire manufactured by American Racer. It is not uncommon for these competitors to be on the edge of out of control, all while driving down Rt. 6. Two and three wide racing is the norm in the Street Stocks, while the drivers learn how to control their cars, and the crews learn the basics of the setup and fine tuning of a race car.

This is an entry level division for our A.R.C. competition which races weekly n Saturday throughout the spring and summer. Many competitors have used this class to move into the Late Models and Pro Stock ranks. The experience learned here can give you many opportunities to show your skills in many areas.



2015 Street Stock Registration

2015 General Rules

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