#00 Joe Melberg


Hometown: Attleboro, MA

Car Owner: Karen Allen

Car Make & Model: Chevy Monte Carlo

Primary Sponsor: One Way Recycling

Associate Sponsors: TTM Motorsports

Crew Chief: Phil

Crew Members: Chum Smitty

Birthday: April 26th

Marital Status: In a Relationship

Non-Racing Hobbies: Quading

Favorite Racing Personality: Dale Sr

Favorite Quote: “Send it”

Favorite Movie Stroker Ace

Favorite TV Show: That 70’s Show

Career Achievements: 2007 street stock most popular driver and 1 career win at beech ridge motor speedway

What motivates you to drive? The thrill and speed

Anything else you’d like the fans to know about you? I absolutely love to do demolition derby’s!

Facebook Handle: Joe Melberg

#01 Scott Cestodio

Hometown:  Swansea, MA

Car Owner : Joe Serydynski

Car Make & Model:  Chevy Monte Carlo

Primary Sponsor:  Elmwood Auto Service

Associate Sponsors: Ricky Salisbury

Crew Chief: Joe Serydynski

Crew Members: Saugie Salisbury, Steve Cavanaugh, Ricky Salisbury, Troyer CesSki, Crystal Serydynski, and Robert Cestodio

Birthday: July 1st

Marital Status: Single

Non Racing Hobbies:  Riding ATVs, and Camping

Favorite Racing Personality:  Dale JR

Favorite Sports Team: Boston Bruins

Favorite Quote: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. If it’s not worth doing right, it’s not worth doing at all.”

Favorite Movie: Dazed and Confused

Favorite TV Show: Street Outlaws

Career Achievements: 2-time Pure stock Champion, All time most wins in Pure stocks and Street stock Rookie of the year.

What motivates you to drive:  My family, friends and fans!

#4 Craig Pianka

Hometown:  Smithfield

Car Owner:  Jill Pianka

Car Make & Model:  Chevy Camaro

Primary Sponsor:  Spring Villa Memory Care

Associate Sponsors: Concord Home +Health and Whitecross Pharmacy

Crew Chief: Andrew Kuhn

Crew Members: Chris Pacheco, Jill Pianka, and Cody Meinville

Birthday: Saturday, February 21st

Marital Status:         Married

Non-Racing Hobbies: Going on trips with my soulmate, Spending time with my children, And occasional scotch with a cigar! 🙂

Favorite Racing Personality: Myself

Favorite Sports Team: Boston Bruins

Favorite Quote: “Kaizen” (Constant Improvement)

Favorite Movie: The Hangover

Favorite TV Show: Modern Family

Career Achievements: Creating one of RI’s biggest memory care assisted livings for low income elderly residents!

What motivates you to drive?       Passion and knowing I can still do it! The feeling I have when the only thing I am focused on when I get into the car is just driving… At that moment nothing else matters…

Anything else you would like the fans to know about you? Well, my wife says that I am a really funny, chill dude, whose not bad looking and could talk to a rock and it would answer me!

#5 Ed Flanagan Jr


Hometown: Warwick, RI

Car Owner: Diana Flanagan

Car Make & Model: Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

Primary Sponsor: Sam’s NY System of Warwick, RI

Associate Sponsors: C&A Landscape Materials of Coventry, B&H Racing Chassis, Ice House Flowers of Coventry, Papa’s Ice Cream of Warwick, Stylez by Linda of Coventry, and Lucky Lady Bags of Warwick

Crew Members: John LaMake & Donie Corneau

Birthday: June 24th

Marital Status: Married

Non-Racing Hobbies: Bowling

Favorite Racing Personality: Kevin Harvick

Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots

Favorite Quote: “It is what it is”

Career Achievements: 2010 Pure Stock Most Improved Driver and 5 Career Pure Stock Feature Wins

What motivates you to drive? Competition, and to gain respect from my fellow drivers.

Facebook Handle: Ed Flanagan Jr

#7 Tyler Lallier


Hometown: Attleboro, MA

Car Owner: Tyler Lallier

Car Make & Model: 2014 Chevy Camaro

Primary Sponsor: Chazs Auto Body

Associate Sponsors: New Product Apparel Co. & New Product Graphix

Crew Chief: Tyler Lallier

Crew Members: Paul Lallier, Joe Cotrone, and KJ Stafford.

Birthday: April 27th

Marital Status: Single

Non-Racing Hobbies: Music Production, management + promotions, motorcycles, and anything car related.

Favorite Racing Personality: My Father; The Great Paul Lallier

Favorite Sports Team: All Boston sports.

Favorite Quote: “Always move forward. Move forward always.”

Favorite Movie: Happy Gilmore

Favorite TV Show: Sons of Anarchy

Career Achievements: 2015 Triple Crown Champion and 2015 D.A.V. Classic Winner.

What motivates you to drive? To fulfill my Father’s footsteps and create a long lasting legacy of champions with my future family.

#10 Chris Gomes


Hometown: Rehoboth, MA

Car Owner: Chris Gomes

Car Make & Model: Chevy Camaro

Primary Sponsor: Rt 6 Auto Mall Kia

Associate Sponsors: Glassman Automotive, C&M bakery and Coffee Shop, American Equipment and Fabrication

Crew Chief: Chris Rioux

Crew Members: Brad Johnson, Brian Makein, Billy Gomes

Birthday: August 29

Material Status: Married

Non Racing Hobbies: Boating

Favorite Racing Presonality: Jeff Gordon

Favorite Sports Team: Patriots

Favorite Quote: Ask not what your country can do for you…

Favorite Movie: 8 Mile

Favorite TV Show: Law and Order


#11  Corey Fanning

Hometown:  Mapleville, RI

Car Owner: Corey Fanning

Car Make & Model: 1988 Monte Carlo

Primary Sponsor: Exotic Rays

Associate Sponsors:     Esmond Electric

Crew Chief: Scott Fanning

Crew Members:  Scott Fanning

Birthday:  May 31st

Marital Status:  Single

Non Racing Hobbies: Riding ATV’s and Hockey

Favorite Sports Team: Boston Bruins

Favorite Quote: “Don’t worry about where I’m starting, you just worry about where I finish”

Career Achievements: Mechanic

What motivates you to drive:  It’s just a passion. It’s either in your blood or it’s not.

#27 David Smith


Car #27

Hometown: W. Bridgewater, MA

Car Make & Model: 1978 Chevy Camaro

Primary Sponsor: Jan’s Recovery

Associate Sponsors: King’s Kids Daycare + Preschool, Dad’s downstairs creations in wood, TTM Motorsports, Triple D Racing, and Melberg Motorsports

Crew Members: Joe Melberg, Phil Nolette, and Matthew Qualter

Birthday: September 11th

Marital Status: Married

#34 Raymond LeBrun Jr


Hometown: Hope, RI

Car Owner: Raymond LeBrun Jr

Car Make & Model: 81’ Buick Regal

Primary Sponsor: D&N Equipment Services

Crew Chief: Anastasia LeBrun

Crew Members: Tammy LeBrun, Justin Black, and Bethashley Camera

Birthday: December 15th

Marital Status: Married

Non Racing Hobbies: Model building and riding my Harley

Favorite Racing Personality: Kevin Harvick

Favorite Quote: “Hold my beer, watch this”

Favorite Movie: Super Troopers

What motivates you to drive? Having fun with my family

Facebook Handle: Raymond LeBrun

#46  Tim Watson

Car Owner: Tim Watson

Car Make & Model: Chevy Camaro

Primary Sponsor: Whitehall Express

Associate Sponsors: Know how trailer repair, A + R Truck and Trailer Sales-Rental/ Leasing

Crew Chief: Tim Watson

Crew Members: Father and Brother

Birthday: December 18th

Favorite Sports Team: Patriots

What motivates you to drive? My Father


#47 Dick Benoit


Hometown: Middleboro, MA

Car Owner: Danny Cabral

Car Make & Model: 2018 Chevy Camaro

Primary Sponsor: Priority Pre-Owned

Associate Sponsors: 4x4 Construction

Crew Chief: Eric Swegel

Crew Members: Eric, Danny, and John

Birthday: July 15th

Non Racing Hobbies: Boating, Fishing, Camping, and Skiing

Favorite Racing Personality: Dale Earnhardt Sr

Favorite Sports Team: Boston Red Sox

Favorite Quote: “It is what it is”

Favorite Movie: Blazing Saddles

Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory

What motivates you to drive? The satisfaction of building a car and competing with it, against some of the best teams in the business and being able to beat them

Anything else you would like the fans to know about you?: I’m just a simple guy who loves his family, friends, and racing.

Facebook Handle: Dick Benoit

Twitter Handle: Dickbenwaa

#69 Don Perry


Hometown: Warwick, RI

Car Owner: Don Perry

Car Make & Model: 2015 Chevy Camaro

Primary Sponsor: Grateful Bread & Sandwich Shop

Associate Sponsors: State Auto Body and Elvio + Sons Pool & Patio

Crew Chief: Don Perry

Birthday: December 5th

Marital Status: Engaged

Non-Racing Hobbies: Camping, riding motorcycles, and spending time with my family.

Favorite Racing Personality: Joe Cerullo

Favorite Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys

#74 Scott Bruneau


Hometown: Tiverton, RI

Car Owner: George Bruneau

Car Make & Model: Chevy Camaro

Primary Sponsor: Phil’s Propane

Associate Sponsors: Brattan industries, Helger’s south coast power equipment, Sandford sons, Tom leagult, Frugal franks, Cameron real estate, Full-time signs, Willis Motorsports, and Climbing sign.

Crew Chief: Kyle Bowers

Crew Members: Stephanie Scully, Danny Massa, Tyler Duhancik, and Jon Duhancik

Birthday: January 10th

Marital Status: Engaged

Non-Racing Hobbies: Camping

#77 Gil Bradstreet

Hometown:  Johnston, RI

Car Owner: Bob Henry

Car Make & Model: 87 Monte Carlo ss

Primary Sponsor: TTM MOTORSPORTS

Associate Sponsors: XXL motorsports . bosslady graphics. TTM Motorsports, and 3223 racing

Crew Chief: David Simpson

Crew Members: David Simpson, Samantha Mattera, Amy Therrien, Joey Morrissette, and Richard Sharkey

Birthday: November 17th

Marital Status:  Taken

Non Racing Hobbies: Working to support my racing addiction

Favorite Sports Team: TTM MOTORSPORTS

Favorite Quote: “GAME OVER !!!!”

Favorite TV Show: Criminal Minds

Career Achievements: 6 wins in the Sport 4, Won the DAV fall classic two years in a row, Rookie of the Year and 1 feature win in the Pure Stock Moved in to the Sportsman division

What motivates you to drive:  Being in control of something on the edge of being out of control

Facebook Handle: TTM motorsports

Twitter Handle: TTM motorsports

Instagram Handle: TTM motorsports

#96 Sparky Arsenault

Hometown: Attleboro, MA

Car Owner: Sparky Arsenault

Car Make & Model: Chevy Camaro

Primary Sponsor: Chaz’s Auto Body

Associate Sponsors: Nanny’s Lounge and Schulz Graphix

Crew Chief: Jay Heroux

Crew Members: Jay & Amy Arsenault

Birthday: December 6th

Marital Status: Married

Non-Racing Hobbies: Riding my tractor, cooking and drinking shooters.

Favorite Racing Personality: Dale Jr.

Favorite Sports Team: Patriots

Favorite Quote: “It is what it is”

Favorite TV Show: Andy Griffith Show

Career Achievements: 3-time Sportsman Champion and 4-time D.A.V. Champion

What motivates you? Winning.

Anything else you’d like the fans to know about you? I could have beat Ryan Vanasse for his 11th win in 2011.

#98 Ryan Flood


Hometown: Sandwich, MA

Car Owner: Kerry Best

Car Make & Model: Chevy Camaro

Primary Sponsor: Gerry’s General Maintenance

Associate Sponsors: Preferred Fabrication, @nlarophoto Jim Best Entertainment, Above Grade Excavation

Crew Chief: Joe Gallion

Crew Members: Joe, Tony, Gerry Ernie, Skeeter, Jr, and Harvick

Birthday: August 10

Material Status: Single

Non Racing Hobbies: Trucking, Competition Shooting

Favorite Quote: “Success only precedes work in the dictionary”

Favorite Movie: American Sniper

Career Achievements: 2 Wins

Social Media Handles: Ryan flood racing for facebook and instagram is @ryanfloodracing

#2 Jason Steely

#3 Randy Moretti

#6 Thomas Watson

#9 Dane Saritelli

#13 Paul Williams

#25 Ryan Souliere

#28 Kevin Bowe

#32 Jesse Melberg

#44 Danny Cabral

#51 Brendan Nutter

#53 Vinny Pangelinan

#70 Paul Lallier

#76 John Hanafin

#99 Albert Clements