#4 Maddie Harkin 


Hometown: Portsmouth, RI

Car Owner: Scott Harkin

Car Make & Model:  Ford

Primary Sponsor:  Harkin Construction

Associate Sponsors:Riverhead Building Supply, Phils Propane, 401 Motoring, A-1 Paving,  Rinfrets Appliance, R & A Autobody, 

Crew Chief: Scott Harkin

Birthday:  January 29th

Marital Status:  Single & very Picky

Non Racing Hobbies: Going to concerts & hanging with friends and family.

Favorite Racing Personality: Kevin Harvick

Favorite Sports Team:Patriots

Favorite Quote: Send It

Favorite Movie: Dear John

Favorite TV Show:The Bachelor

Career Achievements:Won 6 races in 2017

What motivates you to drive:Being a girl in a male dominant sport.

Anything else you would like the fans to know about you: Graduating high school in 2019.

Facebook Handle: Maddie Harkin

Twitter Handle: Harkinmaddie

Instagram Handle:maddie.harkin

Snapchat Handle  maddieharkin


#4 Daryl Church

Hometown: Brockton, MA

Car Owner: Darryl Church

Car Make & Model: Chevy S10

Primary Sponsor: Jan’s Recovery

Associate Sponsors: daves Auto, Healys Heating

Crew Chief: Adam Giacomozzi

Crew Members: PJ Gay, and Daryl Spunk

Birthday: March 8th

Marital Status: Married

Non-Racing Hobbies: Reffing Ice Hockey

Favorite Racing Personality: Me

Favorite Sports Team: Boston Bruins

Favorite Movie: Forest Gump

Favorite TV Show: Blue Bloods

What motivates you to drive? The fans and my family.

Email: Dchurch08@yahoo.com




#8 Brittany Cambell


Hometown: Somerset, MA

Car Owner: My Dad; Dave Campbell

Car Make & Model: Ford

Primary Sponsor: Watermark Electric

Associate Sponsors: Timmy Brown Music

Crew Chief: My Dad; Dave Campbell

Crew Members: Ed Campbell, Kyle Marchand, and Evan Marchand

Birthday: April 18th

Favorite Racing Personality: Martin Truex Jr.

Favorite Movie: Grown Ups 2

Favorite TV Show: The Fosters

Instagram Handle: britany4278

Snapchat Handle: brittany4278


#13 Rick Albernaz


Hometown:  New Bedford MA

Car Owner: Ella Albernaz

Car Make & Model: Ford Ranger

Primary Sponsor: Scotties Pub Fall River MA

Associate Sponsors: Clear Sound Communications

Crew Chief: Ashley Albernaz

Birthday: May 9th

Marital Status: Married

Non Racing Hobbies: Playing with my daughter, Movies with my wife, and Slot car racing (which I never have time for)

Favorite Racing Personality: Tony Stewart

Favorite Sports Team: Red Sox

Favorite Quote: “Surely you can’t be serious.” “I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.”

Favorite Movie: Airplane!

Favorite TV Show: Deadliest Catch

Career Achievements: None yet

What motivates you to drive?       The peace. It’s just you and the race car. When you go out on the track, all your troubles and worries fade away.

FaceBook Handle: @rick.albernaz

Twitter Handle: @steeda28

Instagram handle: @rickalbernaz

#23 Randy Burr


Hometown: Middleboro, MA

Car Owner: Randy Burr

Car Make & Model: Chevy s10

Primary Sponsor: J Corp

Crew Chief: Randy

Crew Members: Ricky Burr

Birthday: March 18th

Marital Status: Single

Non Racing Hobbies: Boating & Motorcycle Riding

Favorite Racing Personality: Tony Stewart

Favorite Sports Team: Bruins

Favorite Movie: Rocky

#27 Anastasia LeBrun


Hometown: Hope, RI

Car Owner: Tammy LeBrun

Car Make & Model: Toyota

Primary Sponsors: D&N Equipment Services

Associate Sponsors: Grandpa

Crew Chief: Raymond LeBrun Jr

Crew Members: Justin Black + Bethashley Camera

Birthday: September 27th

Non Racing Hobbies: Martial Arts

Favorite Racing Personality: Jeff Burton + Brad Keselowski

Favorite Sports Team: Steelers

Favorite Quote: “The Struggle is real”

Favorite Movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy

What motivates you to drive?: It’s a Father- Daughter thing.

Anything else you would like the fans to know about you? I completed 1 season in a quarter midgets and 21 years in martial arts.

#29  Josh Hedges


Hometown:  New Bedford, MA

Car Owner: Jeremy Hedges

Car Make & Model: Nissan Chassis, Chevy Crate Motor

Primary Sponsor: James G. Grant Co

Associate Sponsors:          Helger’s South Coast Power Equipment, Chuckran Auto Parts, Hedges Excavating, Jim Rosenfield Trucking, and Moore Performance Engines

Crew Chief: Josh Hedges

Crew Members:  John Robidioux, Josh Rosenfield, and Roger hedges

Birthday: October 5th

Marital Status: In a relationship.

Non Racing Hobbies:         Traveling and Fishing. With my racing schedules does not leave me much time, even in the off season. To be competitive in racing, you need to be devoted 365. I prepare and maintain all my own stuff.

Favorite Racing Personality:  Leonard Wood, Junior Johnson, and Richie Evans

Favorite Sports Team: Patriots

Favorite Movie: Days of Thunder

Career Achievements: 2009-2015- Champ Kart Racing throughout New England area, 2016 Seekonk Sport Trucks Rookie of the year, 2 wins 2017 Seekonk Sport Trucks and 5 wins to include DAV fall classic

What motivates you to drive:  Competition and winning

Facebook Handle: Hedges Brothers motorsports

Instagram Handle: Hedgesbrothersmotorsports

#32 David Simpson

Hometown:  Warwick, RI

Car Owner: Christine Simpson

Car Make & Model: Chevy S-10

Primary Sponsor: Windjammer Surf Bar

Associate Sponsors:     Atlantic Beach Park, The Original Dusty’s Dairy Bar, Amy Martira Photography, Boss
Lady Graphics, TTM Motorsports, and 3223 Racing

Crew Chief: David Simpson Jr

Crew Members:  Christine Simpson, Gil Bradstreet, Joey Morrissette, and Samantha Mattera
Birthday:  March 5th

Marital Status:  Married

Favorite Sports Team: Boston Bruins

Favorite Quote: “Fat guys are fast”

Career Achievements: 2015 Sport 4 Rookie of the Year and 2017 Sport Truck Rookie of the Year

Facebook Handle: @3223racing

#50 Mike Duarte

Hometown: Dighton, MA

Car Owner: Paul Duarte

Car Make & Model: Chevy s10

Primary Sponsor: Bay State Sewage

Associate Sponsors: Eric Auto Service

Crew Chief: George Tourgee

Crew Members: George Tourgee, Sandy Tourgee, Paul Duarte, John Duarte, and Gilbert Dillare

Birthday: March 6th

Favorite Sports Team: Any team Boston or New England

Career Achievements: First Win in 2015 and First title in 2017

What motivates you to drive? It’s my childhood dream and to keep Ralp Keyes spirit alive. He was the former owner of my Sport Truck.

#67 Johnny Silva III

Hometown: Attleboro, MA
Car Owner: My Dad, John C. Silva Jr
Car Make & Model: 2015 Chevy Silverado
Primary Sponsor: Mass Diesel Performance
Associate Sponsors: Titan Vet Clinic
Crew Chief: My Dad, John C. Silva Jr
Crew Members: My Dad, John C. Silva Jr and Scout at Mass Diesel Performance
Birthday: December 1st
Marital Status: Single
Non-Racing Hobbies: Fishing on the boat with My Dad and scuba diving.
What motivates you to drive? My Dad.
Facebook Handle: John Silva

#81 Bobby Tripp

Hometown: Westport, MA

Car Owner: Roy Andrade

Car Make & Model: 2018 Chevy Silverado

Primary Sponsor: Everett’s Auto Parts

Crew Chief: BT

Crew Members: Mick Reed

Marital Status: Married

Non Racing Hobbies: Downhill skiing, snowmobiling and as we all know racing consumes the entire summer so that’s all there is during the summer racing.

Favorite Racing Personality: Big Chief

Favorite Sports Team: All of the New England teams

Favorite Movie: Baa Baa Black Sheep

Favorite TV Show: Rat Patrol

#82 Rob Murphy

Hometown: Rochester, MA

Car Owner: Rob Murphy

Car Make & Model: Chevy

Primary Sponsor: Tom Barboza & Silver Key F/V

Associate Sponsors: RTR Trucking

Crew Chief: Christine Murphy

Crew Members: Austin Marshall, Jarrod Freites, Chuck Haskin, and Tom Barboza

Birthday: October 15th

Favorite Sports Team: Patriots

Favorite Movie: Over the Top

Career Achievements: 2003 Formula Four Champion, 2014 Sport Truck Champion, and 2014 Triple Crown Champion, I’ve placed in every Saturday night division except the Late Model division.


#85 Barry Shaw


Hometown: Abington, MA

Car Owner: Barry Shaw Sr.

Car Make & Model: Ford Ranger

Primary Sponsor: Vovo Inc

Crew Chief: Barry Shaw Sr.

Crew Members: Kevin Shaw

Birthday: February 25th

Marital Status: Married

#88 Andrew Kun

Hometown: Cumberland, RI

Car Owner: Jennifer Vales

Car Make & Model: Ford F-150

Primary Sponsor: Spring Villa Memory Care

Crew Chief: Marissa Saracina

Crew Members: Jennifer Vales, Jon Vales, Craig Pianka, Jill Pianka, Kyle Pianka, Chris Pacheco, Cody and Meinville

Birthday: Friday, July 3, 1987

Marital Status: I have a beautiful Girlfriend.

Non Racing Hobbies: Catching a Bruins or Celtics game during the racing off-season.

Favorite Racing Personality: Kevin Boucher!

Favorite Sports Team: Boston Bruins

Favorite Quote: “You’re only as good as your last restart”

Favorite Movie: My Cousin Vinny

Favorite TV Show: Street Outlaws

Career Achievements: 2015 & 2016 Pure Stock Champion, 2014 Pure Stock DAV Winner

What motivates you to drive? The feeling of accomplishment when you succeed!

Anything else you would like the fans to know about you? I’m very appreciative of what Seekonk Speedway does for us drivers… in addition to all the support the fans provide each and every week. Without either one we wouldn’t be able to go have fun like we do! Thank you!

#2 Adam Giacomozzi


#6 Daryl Dutch


#26 Tom Watson


#80 Mike Cavallaro