Wayne Dion:                         For over 30 years, Wayne was a fan favorite. Wayne won his first Championship in the Street division in 1974, the same year he won his first race. He backed that up in 77, winning the Cadet title, and picked up the Pro Stock crown in 1982. He had a strong fan base, which followed him until he competed in his final race in the 2010, when he briefly came out of retirement. Over his 30+ year career, he amasses 56 wins, including his final checkered in 2003.

Don Dionne:                         Don started winning in the late 60’s, competing in, and winning in the B division, winning the championship in 1970. He moved into the Modifieds in 75, driving for the Hendrickson Bros, winning several races over the next few years. When the Pro Stocks debuted in 1978, he took over and became the classes’ first champion in 1979. He followed that up with his second Pro Stock crown in 1981. Over his 20+ year career, he was crowned champion three times, and carried the checkered flag 32 times.

Ron Manfredo:                    Ron has spent the better part of his life at the speedway. He has dedicated his like to the speedway for the betterment of the sport. From being a crew member, car owner, Starter, Race Director, any other place he could help the speedway, to his current role, his focus has been to try and make the sport better for the fans and competitors.


Billy Clarke:                           For over 60 years, Billy Clarke has been behind the wheel of a race car, with most of those at his home track, Seekonk Speedway. He won his first race in July of ’57, and kept winning though the new millennium. He has always, and continues to do it all himself, but is right there to lend a helping hand. He builds, maintains, updates and brings his truck to the track weekly to compete. He spends countless hours in the garage trying to improve. His shop is a museum to his history.