Sparky Arsenault fought his way through to gain his second win of the season over Chad Baxter, while a late crash sent the championship confrontation between Tyler Lallier and Kid Chaos – Corey Fanning into an upside-down affair. Lallier was caught up by the wreck, shuttling him back to sixteenth while Fanning grabbed third behind Baxter. Scott Bruneau was fourth while Steve Axon rounded out the top five.

Paul Williams had owned the race for most of the distance. He went to the front from the outside pole right out of the box.Ray Lebrun gave chase from the pole, but Williams was headed away. Ed Flanagan, Jr dropped into third ahead of Vinny Pangelinan and Arsenault took fifth. Two laps in, Williams had a three-car lead and Pangelinan was working his way under Flanagan. Once into third, he began to work on Lebrun’s bumper and Arsenault pulled upon his. Three laps in and Williams now had a half-straight on the field.

Chris Rioux came up onto Arsenault’s tail on lap five and Chris Gomes followed closely.

Pangelinan got under Lebrun into second and seven laps in, Williams was enjoying a straigthaway lead. Behind him, Pangelinan, Arsenault and Rioux were running nose-to-tail and Kyle Casper was closing on them. Williams continued to add to his lead. Casper caught the group and nowBaxter was bridging up to them.

Sparky overhauled Vunny and got underneath for the pass, moving into second. Suddenly, Flanagan was into the backstretch wall and his tire flew down the track in pieces. Williams’ long lead collapsed into a restart.

Since a lap had not elapsed, Pangelinan restarted in second with Arsenault low in the second row. The Lap 12 restart saw Williams away again with Arsenault getting under Pangelinan. Casper followed, hounded by Baxter. Pangelinan fell back and Baxter got under Casper for a three-wide with Vinny outside. Austin “Porkchop” Erickson then came in to make it briefly four-wide, but fell off. Steve Axon and Fanning moved in on him to run bumper-to-bumper. At the front, Arsenault and Baxter had moved in on Williams and they were running bumper-to-bumper as well. Fanning got by Erickson.

Lallier was closing through the pack, getting under Justin Travis into eighth. Fanning was closing on Baxter with five to go and Axon was working his way under Erickson. This morphed into a three-wide between Baxter, Pangelinan and Travis. There was contact in turn two and Pangelinan went around.

Willaims and Arsenault lined up ahead of Baxter and Fanning. Erickson and Axon shared row three with Lallier and Travis behind them. Williams nose out and took the lead in turn one. Baxter ducked under him. Erickson challenged Fanning for position as Baxter bumped Williams. As they did so, Arsenault went tot he outside and into the lead. At the white flag, Arsenault led Baxter, followed by Williams and Erickson, who got into Williams and went around. It collected Lallier and Casper along with two other cars as they went into turn two as the leaders began to cross the finish.

Arsenault had his second win, while Baxter and then Fanning made the podium finish.

Sixth went to Adam Pettey, followed by Donald Perry, Joe Melberg, Jason Steely and Pangelinan.

The wreck was costly for Lallier, who fell to sixteenth as he and Fanning were in a dead heat for the Championship points.