Connor Souza had one impediment to a Bandolero Outlaw win: Maddie Harkin. Polesitter Harkin led the first lap, but got wide and Souza leveraged it into a pass to the front. Harkin was unable to settle to the low side and Tyler Tomassi jolted past before she could. Maddie dropped in front of Emma Monahan for third.

The race became a pursuit among the top three – Souza, Tommasi and Harkin. A pursuit that ran caution-free from green to checker. The field was quickly single file as Tomassi and Harkin pursued. Arrayed behind them were Monahan, Brandon Lavoie and Wesley Heard.

Tomassi and Harkin closed in over the next few laps until they were running nose-to-tail. Souza began to extend his lead, finally going out to a 10-length margin as Harkin stayed close behind Tomassi. Behind them, LaVoie was now closing in on Monahan.

Harkin began falling off on Tomassi. By lap 16, Souza had run his lead out to fifteen cars on Arieta as LaVoie was now all over Monahan’s bumper. Lap 17 saw LaVoie run past into fourth and Souza was now ahead by a half-straightaway.
With one lap remaining, Tomassi came loose temporarily, but Harkin was unable to take advantage and they contued running second and third.

At the finish, Souza crossed, three-and-a-half seconds ahead of his competitors. Tomassi and Harkin claimed second and third. Fourth went to LaVoie, followed by Monahan and then Heard.