Ken Silva dominated the Sport Four division at the Venditti Memorial, taking over at the green and leading the entire distance to the finish.  The division champ can add another to the five wins he had already claimed this season.

Ed Gould powered around the field from his last place start to gain runnerup honors.

Silva and Keith Anderson car faced off at the front of the field with East Taunton’s Dave Westgate and Robert Henry of Cranston Behind him.  Vincent Arrenegado and Christopher Bissell of Coventry were the third row with Gould starting scratch.

At the start, Silva went to the front while Westgate dived underneath, coming out in second.  Anderson got loose and Arrenegado almost wrecked, falling to third and Anderson to fourth.  Meanwhile, Gould was coming up fast.

Westgate spun coming off turn 4, up near the wall, and Gould, coming around high, barely made it between Silva and the wall, but came out unscathed.  The restart on lap 3 had Arrenegado outside Silva.  Westgate restarted from the rear as an accident car.

Silva was able to jump away from Arrenegado, as Gould quickly came up from fourth on the grid into second.  Keith Anderson got up into Westgate, and the latter spun and back to the wall, but did not make hard contact.

This time, Gould started outside Silva at the front with Arrenegado and Bissell on the second row.  Westgate was at the rear again.

Silva again nabbed the lead with Gould second.  Arrenegado followed and Westgate jumped to third.  Gould was working high trying to generate a pass, but Silva began pulling away. By lap 7 the two leaders led the pack by a quarter-lap.

Silva edged out to a three car lead and Westgate edged into fourth.  As Arrenegado got sideways, Westgate got underneath and into third.  By the midpoint, Silva had a 6-lap bulge over Gould and Westgate was a half-lap behind in third.

As the laps wound down, neither Gould nor Westgate could close up.  With Bob Henry trying to get off the track and getting stuck at the pit entrance, a lap 19 caution was called.  On the restart, Westgate was unable to hold position and both Arrenegado and Anderson were able to get by for the finish.