Barry Shaw and Mike Duarte had been chasing race leader Josh Hedges most of the race, but as Chase Belcher and Mike Cavallaro tangled in turn one, Hedges ran into problems in turn four. It forced Hedges to retire just four circuits short of the checkers, setting Shaw and Duarte up for a four-lap dogfight. The battle, however, did not materialize as Duarte had mechanical problems of his own on the restart, leaving Shaw to hold off David Lougee for a pair of laps and then Lenny Guy for the final four. At the checkers, Shaw led Lenny over the stripe by three-eighths of a second for his second on the season.

Guy and David Simpson led off from the front and Lenny grabbed the front, sticking Simpson on the outside. David Lougee rused up from the second row to Guy’s bumper, further blocking Simpson from the low groove and Duarte followed suit. But Scott Harkin spun in turn two, bringing a lap two caution. Guy nosed away from Lougee who heated up and they went door-to-door. Duarte nosed under for a three-wide, whereupon Lougee sped forward. Duarte again got underneath and Lougee came loose in turn four, going sideways but then executed a masterful save. Duarte went to second and saw came in under the recovered Lougee, followed by Hedges and Guy.

By lap five, Duarte was enjoying a three car lead, while behind Shaw, Hedges was trying to work in under Lougee. However, Chase Belcher, running in the pack, made contact and spun.

Duarte nosed ahead on Shaw and Hedges ducked under the latter and then under Duarte, who slid up and Hedges came alongside for some doorhandle-to-doorhandle running. But lap eight saw Belcher around once again in turn two.
Hedges zoomed to the lead from the pole on the restart and Shaw rushed in under Duarte. Behind them, Lougee and Guy were door-to-door. Josh went out to a two car lead as Shaw grabbed second leaving Duarte to third. Lougee outran Guy into fourth while Simpson and Cavallaro were executing a wheel-to-wheel behind him. But Doug Rioux suffered front suspension failure and ground to a halt in the middle of the backstretch.

Hedges nosed ahead of Shaw on the lap ten restart. They dueled while Guy came loose in turn four. Hedges claimed the lead on lap twelve with Duarte getting underneath and into second. Shaw settled to third with Lougee fourth followed by Guy and Simpson. But Cavallaro went around in turn two. Belcher was called for the assist and they went to the rear for the restart.

Hedges went from the pole to the lead with Shaw clinging to his bumper, freezing Duarte outside. Lap fourteen saw Hedges followed by Duarte surging forward and Shaw down low in third. Guy, Lougee, Simpson and Darryl Church followed in order. As Hedges romped away, Shaw dueled under Duarte once again as well as Lougee and Guy behind them. Lougee gained the advantage. Cavallaro was looking under Church but having no luck as the door continuously closed.

Church and Simpson were side-by-side and Cavallaro couldn’t find a way past and looked to make it three wide by getting in underneanth. He drove forward but suddenly was up out of the groove to the turn four wall, but kept off the barrier. Belcher was called and black-flagged for the event.

The restart with five laps to go saw Shaw outrun Lougee from the front and Guy again came up to dogfight with Lougee over second. Cavallaro got under Duarte while Church was wheel-to-wheel with Simpson. Mike Lopes ran at their bumpers. Guy took the advantage over Lougee on lap 22, sticking him to the outside and they hacksawed the position. Lap 23 saw Cavallaro pull into fourth behind Lougee as Duarte lost power and began to slow.

At the white flag, Guy, Lougee and Cavallaro were a cluster running hard behind Shaw. Cavallaro was able to get underneath Lougee and ground it out through the final circuit. Shaw rocketed under the checkers for the win while Guy held off Cavallaro for second. Mike nabbed third followed by Lougee and Church. Lopes cashed in on sixth, followed by Simpson, Cole Jackson, Harkin and Duarte.