Scott Serydynski took his time working to the front, but came on strong with five laps remaining after a backstretch spin took Rob Murphy out of the lead he had just stolen from Jesse Melberg. Melberg had led the first 18 of 25 circuits before his effort was spoiled by Murphy. Kid Chaos – Corey Fanning – took over at the front but was showing smoke from underneath. When caution flew again, he was checked and a small puddle of oil under his car eliminated him from competiton.

Serydynski ourtan Melberg on the restart and fended him off through two more, including a green-white-checkered restart for the win. Melberg then had Tom “The Bomb” Adams ran alongside to nab second by .089 seconds. Melberg was third while Sparky Arsenault and Dick Benoit completed the top five.

Melberg had pulled away from Dane Saritelli on the green and Adams ran third. Craig Pianka pulled into fourth, ahead of Serydynski, who then was edged back to seventh by Saritelli and Mruphy. Saritelli fell off and Serydynski went behind Murphy. At the front, Melberg was rolling along with Adams giving chase until Pianka overtook for second. He held position for three laps, but Fanning moved in and captured the runnerup position and madly pursued Melberg with Murphy coming onto his bumper in third and Serydynski gathering up fourth. Further back, Scott Bruneau was making headway, getting under Vinny Pangelinan for seventh.

Melberg was lapping Tom Watson on lap eleven. But lap 12 saw Kid Chaos closing in on the leader. Murphy followed with Serydynski on his bumper, then Pianka, Adams and Benoit. Benoit looked under Adams on lap 15 and stole the position on the backstretch. Fanning began showing smoke, as John Bechem went around on the backstretch in lap 17. Ryan Soulier then spun in turn four after the yellow. Fanning’s smoke was less pronounced during caution laps.

Melberg and Fanning went at it as Murphy and Serydynski watched from row two. Melberg pulled out but Fanning roared back up as Murphy led Serydynski and Benoit was outside Pianka. Murphy dropped under and headed for the front but suddenly foundhimself sidways coming out of turn two and Chad Baxter slammed in, throwing pieces everywhere and lost much of the passenger side of his car. Despite the heavy hit, Murphy pulled away under power and rejoined the field. Fanning was smoking again.

He lined up on the pole with Melberg outside. Serydynski had Benoit on his shoulder in row two and Adams was contending with Pianka in row three. But now Sparky Arsenault and Paul Lallier had arrived behind them. Bruneau followed.

Another wheel-to-wheel followed on the green until Fanning nosed out on the backstetch. Melberg battled alongside once more, but Fanning had the lead coming out of turn four. Serydynski leveraged under Melberg onto Fanning’s bumper, then looked underneath for the lead and went. They were side-by-side down the back before another caution slowed the action.

During the caution, Fanning was checked for fluids and a small puddle of oil grew beneath his car, disallowing his further participation. The problem sent him from leading the race to the final finishing spot.

Serydynski and Melberg linhed up with Adams and Bruneau behind them, just ahead of Arsenault and Pianka. It took three restarts over two laps to get the feature moving to completion. The final attempt was a green-white-checker affair and Serydynski pulled away from Melberg. Adams nailed third with Benoit being followed by Arsenault.

Final circuit and Serydynski held the front and Adams came alongside Melberg. They brawled all the way to the strip and Adams took second by inches, Melberg held third.

Sixth overall went to Bruneau, followed by Pianka, Ryan Flood, Lallier, Kyle Casper, Pangelinan and Saritelli.