The nomination committee is excited to announce this yeas nominations. Beginning on January 1st, fans will have the chance to vote for some legendary Speedway racers with voting ending on March 31st. One winner from each group will be honored with induction onto the Seekonk Wall of Fame on Saturday June 9that Seekonk Speedway with a pre race ceremony.

Here are the 2018 nominees!


1976 – 1985

George Murray:

George Murray was one of the first drivers to make a successful transition from the open wheel Modifieds to the full fender Pro Stocks. His modified titles came in 1975 and 76, and his Pro Stock crown came in just the divisions second season, 1980. He was the first of three drivers to win titles in both divisions. He has over 30 career wins at Seekonk.

Ed St. Angelo:

Ed St. Angelo garnered over 25 wins in his career at Seekonk in the Late Models, Modifieds, SK Modifieds and Pro Stock classes. His career spanned over 25 successful years. His greatest season was 1983, when he picked up 8 wins on his way to the SK Modified championship, the only year they competed here. That same year, he also won a 150 lap NASCAR Modified race.

Jim Wilkins:

Not many drivers are as well-known as one of the cars they ran. In his case, it’s Herbie. Yes, you know who I’m talking about. With a name like Gentleman Jim, it’s hard not to know. His career lasted just a little over 20 years here at Seekonk, before moving to Florida, but he left a winning legacy behind. While he was unable to capture a title, his one of his best years was 1982, when he picked up his biggest win, the Eastern Fall Classic, against some of the best Pro Stock drivers in New England.

John Tripp:

John Tripp proved to be one of the most versatile drivers to ever compete at Seekonk. Winning races beginning in 1967, he continued his winning ways into the new century. He won in the Class A division, Modifieds, SK Modifieds, Pro Stocks, Sport Trucks and Legends. He has two crowing achievements in his career, both of which he is equally proud of. His biggest racing achievement was winning the Pro Stock title in 1988. He is equally as proud watching his two sons Bobby and Jody win championships in their own rights.


1986 – 1995 

 Dick Houlihan:

One of the quietest drivers to sit behind the wheel, and arguably the quietest one out of this group, Dick Houlihan completed his career just a month ago at the DAV Fall Classic. Over his career at Seekonk, his win total sits at over 40, while his championship count sits at three. One Mini Modified and two Pro Stocks.

Vinny Annarummo:

When you get your nickname after one of the best modified drivers ever, you know you are going to have a great career. A simple moniker, “WHO?” After winning his first few races and a title in the early 70’s in the B Class, he found the Pro Stocks suited his racing style. Hard nosed and fast. Between 1990 and 2005, he picked up five Pro Stock Championships, and over 40 wins. His final victory was one that he had been chasing for those 35+ years, a win in the Modifieds on Open Wheel Wednesday.

Fred Astle:

He is a second generation racer from the racing town of Westport, with one of the most infamous last names in Southern New England racing. With the name Astle, he will go down as one of the best ever at Seekonk. In his 38 years of racing at Seekonk alone, he has amassed just about 80 wins, and SIX Pro Stock championships.

Rick Martin:

When you look at Seekonk’s rich history, the names of Summers, Bouchard, and Bugsy sit atop a lot of peoples list of all time bests. And rightly so. Let’s add another name to that, Radical. 90 plus wins, which, unofficially, puts him second on the all time win list, five championships, and one of the biggest fan bases the speedway has ever seen. He is the only Seekonk driver to win against the best in all of full fendered action, Pro Stocks, American Canadian Tour, and Busch North. That’s just at Seekonk.