John Paiva worked steadily forward until he had a restart alongside race leader David Lougee on lap 14. They battled side-by-side for two laps before Paiva was able to surge into the lead. A battle followed as Mike Cavallaro came up to challenge, but Paiva survived for a big, season-ending feature win in his skein.
Murphy scrambled his way to third, but his season had been made by carrying the championship. Paiva pulled alongside Murphy after his victory lap and the 2013 champ (Paiva) handed the checkered flag across to the 2014 champ.
Lougee was off the pole at the outset as Mike Duarte on the outside bogged. Lenny Guy leapt to second. By lap 3, Lougee was enjoying an eight-car lead over Guy, Duarte, Chase Belcher, Nick Uhrig and Cavallaro, who were locked into each other, nose-to-tail. Chris Lima was under Dan Johnson with Murphy behind them. Barry Shaw then was around in turn four.
Lougee pulled away from Guy again on the lap two restart. Duarte was third. He moved out to a three-car margin as Duarte crowded Guy’s bumper while Uhrig did him the same favor. Paiva was on Uhrig’s tail while fighting Belcher on the outside.
Uhrig went under Duarte for third and Paiva followed one lap later. Paiva then edged Uhrig back to fourth and set out after Guy. Lap ten saw Cavallaro coming in under Uhrig for fifth. Murpy roared up and went under Paiva to challenge for position and found himself staring at Paiva’s bumper. Paiva, Cavallaro, Uhrig and Belcher ran along in tow.
Murphy got into Guy, spinning him, and Paiva sailed into Murphy on the accordion effect and Murphy spun. He went immediately to the pits for repairs.
Paiva and Cavallaro lined up with Uhrig and Belcher behind them. They battled for the lead. Belcher and Rick Albarenez tangled, collecting Chris Lima, Lougee and Duarte. Duarte made his exit on the double hook to the pits. Belcher drove off for repairs.
Paiva edged Cavallaro on the restart and was fully ahead out of turn four. Murphy went under Uhrig for third, setting up the top finishers for the checkers. Paiva, Cavallaro, Murphy, Uhrig and Guy made up the top five, and Uhrig’s fourth gave him third place in the standings over Chris Lima.
Dan Johnson was sixth and Belcher was seventh, followed by Bob Rainville, Albanerez, Taylor Therrien, Lima, Duarte, Lougee and Shawn DeMello.


Austin Blais fought his way in late to what had been an AJ Soloman vs. Vinny Pangelinan race. The duo had led 21 of 24 laps with Solomon holding the lead over the distance and Pangelinan pulling every maneuver out of his bag of tricks from second. But a lap 21 restart following Scott Bruneau’s spin reset the field with the dangerous Blais on the outside of the second row, behind Soloman and Pangelinan. It took three tries to get them going but Blais dropped under Soloman and stole the lead after a real battle for position. Soloman was second and Pangelinan third, followed by Tyler Lallier and Rey Lovelace.
Lovelace had only needed to start the feature to earn the championship and he received his due in post race ceremonies.
Soloman was away by a nose at the start with Pangelinan falling into second in turn two. Tony Oliviera was third followed by Tyler Lallier, Lovelace, Blais and Corey Fanning.
By lap five, Lovelace and Blais were battling for position. Soloman had worked to a five-car lead on Pangelinan with Oliviera and Lallier giving chase.. Blais then went under Lallier for fifth as Pangelinan began to close the distance to Soloman.
Oliviera was still third on lap 15 with Lovelace and Blais in tow. Vinny began looking outside and went there, but Soloman pulled away. Lap 19 saw Blais getting under Lovelace for third and taking the position on lap 20.
And then, Bruneau spun. Three starts on lap 21 later, they were away and Blais was performing his magic to take the lead.
The Show-Stopper, Ray Negley, claimed sixth, followed by Craig Pianka, Fanning, Paul Lallier, Ed Gannon, Tom Adams, Joe Arena and Chris Demoura.


Legends phenomena Nick Lascuola led the first 26 laps of thirty in the Late Model feature and Jeramee Lillie was in control of the next three. But leave it to the never-say-die Dylan Estrella: he bolted past into the lead on the final circuit and his eighth win on the season. And, 20 years after his father had taken the divisional championship, Bobby Pelland III collected the crown for the 2014 season with a seventh place finish.
Lascuola, still looking for his first feature win in Late Model, after dominating the Fast Friday Legends with 13 out of 15 wins (a new track record) and the Legends crown, was out of the box and into clear air, where he ran for most of the race.
Vinny Arrenegado came out of the box fast and had the lead as Lascuola and Lillie dueled behind. But Vinny got loose and Lascuola took the front with DeGasparre getting under Arrenegado. Charlie Rose followed as Pelland and Lillie dueled over fifth. Rose then looked under Arrenegado and spun.
The Lascuola/DeGasparre face-off saw Lascuola back at the front following a lap of wheel-to-wheel racing. But Arrenegado tried to get under DeGasparre and they spun collecting Estrella, Roland Wheeler and Sparky Arsenault. DeGasparre, Wheeler and Sparky drove pitside for repairs.
Now Pelland was on Lascuola’s outside for the restart, and the Rookie pulled away from the Champ while Lillie, Bill Bernard, Estrella, Rose and Arrenegado trailed behind. This lineup ran for three laps until Estrella went to the outside to pass Bernard on lap 9.
Pelland set himself on Lascuola’s rear bumper on lap ten as Wheeler retreated to the pits. Rose and Arrenegado were side-by-side and Vinny gained the advantage. The lead five were now running close on each other, single-file and Lascuola began building a lead. Lap sixteen had him one length ahead. He had two cars on eighteen, then three cars. By lap 21 his advantage was seven cars.
Lillie then moved Pelland back to third as Lascuola built a ten car lead.
Bernard and Arrenegado were battling over position and Bernard spun on the front stretch.
` Lascuola and Lillie lined up for the restart. Coming out, Pelland got into Lascuola, spinning him and both went to the rear. Second try saw Lillie nose out. Estrella battled from the outside pole, but fell back before Eddie LeClerc spun on the backstretch.
Three laps remained as Lillie and Estrella came out of the box. Lillie was holding him off, but as the white flag fluttered, Estrella made a drop-under move, catching Lillie with room underneath. Estrella ran to the front and crossed under the checkers for the win. Lillie came home second, followed by Arrenegado, Rose and DeGasparre. Lascuola was sixth, followed by Pelland, LeClerc, TJ Moreshead and Bernard.


Ryan Vanasse led the final thirteen laps to capture the season-ending pro stock feature over Tom Scully, Jr, while consistent Kenny Spencer finished third, just ahead of his prime antagonist for the championship, Dave Darling to cement his hold on the crown. Rookie Angelo Belsito filled out the top five.
Bob Hussey and Kyle Casper had the front row for the start of the pro stock race and they ran hard through the first lap. Hussey ran hard and hot into turn four and came out into Casper, sending him into the front stretch wall and crushing the car’s nose. Hussey headed for the pits for repair as he was called for the assist, but Casper had to be towed from the track.
The restart saw Kevin Casper now on the pole with Dick Houlihan on the outside. Casper went to the front and Fred Astle went under Houlihan. Houli loosened and slowed and set the accordion effect in motion. Dave Berghman, driving for Mike Brightman was caught up as well as Kevin Folan. Houlihan went to the pits for adjustments.
Third try to start the race was a charm and Casper began edging past Astle. Ryan Lineham Began looking under Astle as Spencer was under Vanasse for position.
 Casper was enjoying a four car lead over Lineham, Spencer and Astle.
Astle and Spencer battled and they made contact on lap 6. Spencer got out of shape and needed all his skills to bring the car back, but bring it back he did.
Casper was still four cars up but by lap 12, Lineham had gone to his bumper. Spencer, Scully, Vanasse, Astle and Berghman were in hot pursuit. Lineham looked under Casper on the back stretch and held on through the stripe. He made the pass on lap 15 but Casper roared back to compete.
But Casper was loose on lap 20 and spun in turn four. As he slowly rotated up the incline, Spencer rolled the dice and fired up outside. He was able to get past and into clear air.
The lap 21 restart saw Spencer outside Lineham, who edged ahead as Spencer remained on the outside and Scully and Lineham made their way past. Scully and Lineham were dueling side-by-side. Scully slid up slightly and Vanasse leaped in for the position. Lineham began to lose ground as Scully jumped onto Vanasse’s bumper.
Lap 28 saw Vanasse in the lead with Scully emptying his bag of tricks behind him. Spencer was third but a half-straight back was Darling. As Scully continued to pressure Vanasse, Darling attempted to close on Spencer.
Close up as they could, the field remained the same through the checkers.
Astle came home sixth and Dean Pettey was seventh. They were followed by: Rick Martin, Lineham, Casper, Folan, Smokin’ Joe Kohler and Daryl Stampfl.