Giovanni Ruggerio came to the front late in the feature, after an awkward crash eliminated points and race leader Devin Deshaies. Ruggerio had been slugging it out among Deshaies, Isaiah Newcomb, Nathan Smith and Riley Caron as the group ran at the front of the thirteen-car field. On the lap 15 restart, Giovanni was matched with Brayden Meservey in the second row, behind Isaiah and Smith. The lead duo battled for the lead, leaving the low groove open to Ruggerio, who dived through and grabbed the front. Riley Caron went under Smith and took third behind Newcomb.

Newcomb fastened onto Ruggerio’s tail but over the ensuing lap, the leader pulled out to a two-car advantage. Newcomb rushed back up to his bumper, but couldn’t make the pass. A rapid five-car pursuit line formed and wound through the final three laps to the finish, Newcomb was good for second, as Caron, Smith and Meservey rounded out the top five.

The large field for the 20-lap extended feature saw Nikolas Frechette come off the pole and grab the lead over Smith after some give and go out of the starting box, then into the lead coming off turn four. Smith was unable to drop in and Newcomb grabbed second. Ruggerio went to fourth, ahead of Deshaies working underneath Meservey. Caron and Joey LeMay were behind them, slowed by contact.

Newcomb ran to Frechette’s high side for the pass, then Smith ducked underneath, making it a three-wide bid for the front in turn two. Smith began to ull ahead in turn three, Frechette fought back in turn four, but Smith ran to the lead down the front stretch. Newcomb then dropped under Smith for some door-to-door with some contact between them. As Newcomb seized the lead, Deshaies was under Smith for position. He shot forward under Newcomb and they ran wheel-to-wheel. Newcomb got a nose ahead, then Deshaies ran to the front just as LeMay spun in turn four.

Isaiah and Deshaies lined for the restart with Smith and Ruggerio at their backs; Frechett and Meservey were row three. They went side-by-side across the stripe and down the backstretch, but Issaiah went high in turn four and Deshaies squirted into the lead, just as Meservey and Collin Vanasse got together in turn two.

Vanasse and Brent Robidoux made contact and went into the grass on the restart. Second try saw Newcomb pull ahead then Deshaies drive back under in turn two then take the lead in turn four. Ruggerio and Meservey followed but LeMay looped in turn four.

Newcomb came off the outisde on the restart, dropped in and saw Deshaies then attempt drop under him. He slammed the door and Deshaies pursued, continually looking for a way underneath. He found it with eight laps remaining. Newcomb pursued with Smith in third, followed by Ruggerio, Meservey and Caron. With five to go, Deshaies had worked out to a five-car lead.

But he was beginning to encounter lapped cars: Isabella Newcomb was running slowly in the low groove and Robidoux behind and to her outside. Deshaies elected to go below Robidoux and then to Isabella’s outside. But as he sped into the pocket, it closed up and Deshaies had nowhere to go. He contacted Newcomb then up into Robidoux’ side, who went up and bounced off the outside wall. Robidoux went off on the hook and Deshaies had to be pushed pitside.

Newcomb and Smith set up for the restart with Giovanni and Brayden behind them. Smith got high while dueling Newcomb and Ruggerio ran past then dived underneath and into the lead. Newcomb was surprised by the move, but heated up and ran to Ruggerio’s bumper. They ran this way under the checkers with Ruggerio coming out with the double win on the race and the Triple Crown.

Frechette claimed sixth, followed by Ryan Arieta, the last car on the lead lap.