Radical Rick Martin had it all together Saturday night as he was as sharp on his driving as his car was performing on the speedway. The car pulled away near the start of the Pro Stock feature and left the field behind. Forty green laps later – there were no cautions – Rick rocketed under the checkers two cars ahead of Ryan Vanasse, who was having his best night on the season to date. Dave Darling was a close third while Tom Scully, Jr. and Kyle Casper rounded out the top five.

Ryan Lineham had taken first lead, coming from the pole after a short debate with outside polesitter, Fred Astle, Jr.. Lineham went out to a four-car lead as Martin got under Astle while Casper was debating position with Bobby Pelland III. Casper went to fourth while Martin outdistanced Astle and glommed onto Casper’s bumper. By lap five, Lineham was four cars up on Martin, followed by Astle, Casper, Vanasse, Mike Brightman, Craig Weinstein, Scully and Darling.
Vanasse went to fourth under Casper, who locked on to Vanasse and followed.

Martin moved up to Lineham’s bumper then ducked under. They battled for a lap until Martin seized the lead. Lineham looked to the drop under move, but Martin denied him. Astle got under Lineham for second. The Radical One had a fifteen car lead by lap 16.

The field had stretched out single file and battles were only going on at the front. Astle was working under Lineham with Vanasse looking to get under them and make it three-wide. But fell back. He tried once again but was held off. Lineham fell back and Vanasse was able to get in under Astle. By now, Martin had a quarter-lap lead over his competitors.

Vanasse, in control of second, began chipping into that lead while Martin started working through lapped traffic. Three laps later, Vanasse began passing lapped cars. Casper, meanwhile, got by Astle into third. Darling moved up to get beneath Astle for position. Vanasse continued to close on Astle but it looked like he didn’t have enough time to catch and pass.

With two to go, Martin still held a two-length margin over Vanasse. They swept through the final two laps with no change and Martin crossed the stripe two cars up on his pursuer.

Sixth went to Weinstein in his first start on the year. Completing the top ten were Kenny Spencer III, Astle, Lineham and Kyle Casper.