The 2018 Triple Crown edition will begin on Saturday May 12 with the Sports Trucks as part of the NASCAR Saturday night program. The Fast Friday portion will begin with the Sport 4’s and Bandoleros on June 15. The series will conclude with the crowning of the champions on Friday Sept. 21 and Saturday Sept. 22.

“Seekonk Speedway is excited to continue this series that benefits our committed weekly racers and also adds excitement for our fans all summer long,” said Ed St. Germain of Seekonk Speedway.

The championship format for the series will remain close to the same as last year, with a “Chase” system. For 2018, the “Chase” format will be put in place on both Friday and Saturday night.

The final four drivers will be made up of the winner of the first race, the winner of the second race and the two highest point getters that have not won a race. In the event that one of the finalists can not compete in the finale, the next alternate in the points standing will be elevated to be a finalist.

In order to be eligible for the Phil’s title, a driver must compete in all three of the races.

The Pro Stocks will race in their extra-distance battles on June 9, July 14 and Aug. 25, while the Late Models will run there three races on June 2, June 30 and Aug. 18. The Pro Stock races will be 65 laps and the Late Model races will be 50 laps.

The Division III Sportsman will run Phil’s races on May 19, June 23 and Aug. 11, each of them 35 lap races. To wrap up the NASCAR Saturday divisions, the Sports Trucks will start the Phil’s Triple Crown Series off on May 12, then will finish their three race stretch on June 23 and August 11 — all of which 30 lap events.

The Fast Friday Series division will also each have three races in the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown Series.

The 2018 season will mark the sixth straight year that the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown Series takes place around the third-mile oval. Last year, Tom Scully Jr. scored the Pro Stock Phil’s championship, while Ryan Lineham, Chad Baxter and Chase Belcher completed the Saturday night champions. Devin Deshaies, Tyler Tomassi, Ryan Kuhn, Alex Manuel, Colby lambert and Ava Chouinard were champions on Fast Friday.

2017 Champions

Pro Stock – Tom Scully jr
Late Model – Ryan Lineham
Sportsman – Chad Baxter
Sport Truck – -Chase Belcher
Pure Stock – Colby lambert
Legends – Ryan Kuhn
Sport Four – AJ manuel
Mini Cup – Ava Chouinard
Bandolero Outlaw – Tyler Tomassi
Bandolero Bandit – Dein Deshaies

2016 Champions

Pro Stock – Tom Scully jr
Late Model – Ray Parent
Street Stock – Scott Bruneau
Sport Truck – Chase Belcher
Pure Stock –  Scott Cestodio
Legends – TJ Thompson
Sport Four – Mike Belanger
SYRA 750 – Luke Lebrun
SYRA 600 –  Scott Serydynski

2015 Champions

Pro Stock – Tom Scully Jr
Late Model – Nick Uhrig
Street Stock –  Tyler loller
Sport Truck –  John Paiva
Pure Stock –  Amy Arsenault
Legends – Jordan lamothe
Sport Four – David Westgate
SYRA 750 – Taylor Bowser
SYRA 600 – Karlin Levesque

2014 Champions

Pro Stock –  Mike Brightman
Late Model –  Ryan vanasse
Street Stock –  John Hanafin
Sport Truck –  Rob Murphy
Pure Stock –  Mark Murphy
Legends – Nick lascuola
Sport Four – Devin Miranda
SYRA 750 – Shelby Donovan
SYRA 600 – Derek Debbis

2013 Champions

Pro Stock –  David Darling
Late Model –  Dylan Estrella
Street Stock –  Scott Bruneau
Sport Truck –  Scott Dion
Pure Stock – John Robidoux
Legends  – Nick Lascoula
Sport Four – Devin Miranda
SYRA 750 – David Lougee
SYRA 600 – Jessica Oleary