Pure Stocks

Trying to get new people into the sport can be a frustrating thing for a speedway when there is no entry level class designed for the entry level. What started out as an Enduro class, the Pure Stocks have become that class. Using a stock, rear wheel drive, V8 engine car, you can go racing. The only modifications allowed are for safety, such as a racing seat, a 5 point harness for the driver, a fuel cell instead of the conventional gas tank and a basic roll cage around the driver. The complete drivetrain and suspension must be stock for the make, model and year of the vehicle. Mid 1980 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Buick Regal, Oldsmobile Cutlass, Pontiac Grand Prix and Chevy Camaro have been the biggest influx of machines used. This is the type of car that just about anyone can afford, and with drivers eligible for competition at the age of 15, it is a great way for the youngsters to get their feet wet behind the wheel, even before getting your license. This division headlines our Fast Friday night of action. Entry level racing with the competition of the professionals at an affordable price.



2015 Pure Stock Registration

2015 General Rules

Minor Release Form