Dylan Cabral captured a tough Pure Stock feature over Doug Benoit, while the brother-combination of Colby and Jeremy Lambert came home in that order to grab third and fourth, just ahead of Amy Arsenault. The 25-lap feature was shortened to 14 after race control warned the drivers over too many cautions and given the ultimatum that another caution would end the race – and a spin cleared the track right out of the ensuing restart.

Cabral and Max Bergstrom led off and Cabral quickly had the lead. It was a lead he would not relinquish for the length of the race and the battle was waged over the positions behind him.

Robert Moore took over second, to pursue Cabral through lap thirteen before Benoit edged him out.
Cabral took the lead from the green but Bergstrom spun down the front stretch after one circuit, barely keeping it off the wall on the front stretch by smoking up the rear tires to limit the distance he travelled toward the barrier. On the restart, Cabral zoomed away from Moore with Tommy Blackwell looking underneath for second but was denied. Cabral went quickly to an 8-car lead while Lenny “Lenfender” Sousa ran fourth.

Colby had moved into sixth and began looking to make more distance. By lap 10, Cabral led Moore, Blackwell, Sousa, Colby, Gil Bradstreet, Arsenault and Benoit. Sousa looked under Blackwell and went to third. Blackwell tried to drop behind but Lambert was filling the hole and Blackwell made contact and spun.

Cabral and Moore went at it again and as Cabral pulled away, Sousa came up under Moore as Bradstreet got below Colby. But Benoit squeezed in and loosened Colby with contact.

Cabral grabbed the lead again on the lap 13 restart but caution flew again. This time, Sousa nosed ahead of Cabral, but could not hold on as the latter fired up and claimed the lead in turn three. Benoit nosed under Sousa and a three-wide came up as Dave Desrosiers roared in to become the meat in a Moore and Sousa sandwich. Desrosiers wisely backed out of the tight spot. Sousa and Moore got sideways, collided and their contact straightened them out. But Moore lost a right front fender and both went to the pits for quick repairs.

As they lined up, they were warned by race control that this would be the last caution. Cabral and Benoit held the front with Desrosiers and Colby behind them. The rest of the race lasted from the box to turn two as Desrosiers spun on the first circuit after the warning, ending the race.

Cabral had the victory over Benoit. Colby grabbed third and brother Jeremy Lambert (celebrating a birthday on the event) grabbed fourth. Amy Arsenault took fifth. Rounding out the top ten were: Bradstreet, Mike Henriques, Max Bergstrom, Melissa Charette and Blackwell.