#00 Greg Perry


Hometown: Taunton, MA

Car Make & Model: 80’ Malibu

Primary Sponsor: ADS Towing & Transport

Associate Sponsors: TFB Racing, Alpha Pigments, G&G Auto, and Supa Motor Cars of Walpole

Crew Chief: John

Crew Members: Lindsey, Billy, Michelle, Scott, and John

Birthday: July 12th

Marital Status: In a Relationship

Non-Racing Hobbies: Turning wrenches, towing, fishing, and camping

Favorite Sports Team: Pats

Favorite Quote: “Peter rip tater chip”

Favorite Movie: Dazed and Confused

Favorite TV Show: Gold Rush

Career Achievements: Just having fun with friends and family!!

What motivates you to drive: I’ve always been around racing. It started with my Dad wrenching on a street back in the early 90’s. Ever since then I’ve wanted to drive, and I finally got a chance to do that! Here I am today living the dream!

Anything else you would like the fans to know about you? I love putting on a show for you guys and girls!

Facebook Handle: Greg Perry Jr

#0 Mark Murphy


Hometown: Taunton, MA

Car Owner: Mark Murphy

Car Make & Model: 79 Trans Am

Primary Sponsor: Mark Murphy Auto Body

Associate Sponsors: Skyline Roofing in Taunton,  Nats Racing Engines in Swansea, and Boss Lady Graphics

Crew Chief: Punky

Crew Members: Lori Sylvia, Michael Rotondo, Punky, and Justin Travis

Birthday: September 24th

Marital Status: In a relationship

Non Racing Hobbies: Restoring cars, traveling, camping, partying, and having fun

Favorite Racing Personality: Dale Earnhardt Sr

Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots

Favorite Quote: You don’t win two championships by letting people in and waiting

Favorite Movie: American Graffiti

Favorite TV Show: Survivor

Career Achievements: Apba C stock Hydro North American champion, C stock Hydro winter nationals Ocoee Florida win, C. Stock hydroplane Rookie of the Year, 2 Pure Stock wins, 2014 Pure Stock Championship and 2014 Pure Stock Triple Crown champ.

What motivates you to drive? Heart.

Anything else you’d like the fans to know about you? The Old man keeps his car’s clean for them.

#2 Doug Benoit


Hometown: Swansea, MA

Car Owner: Doug Benoit

Car Make & Model: 1987 Buick Regal

Crew Chief: Doug Benoit

Crew Members: Scott Cestodio and Jay Sullivan

Birthday: April 28th

Marital Status: Married

Non-Racing Hobbies: Golf and Baseball

Favorite Racing Personality: Ryan Preece

Favorite Sports Team: Patriots

Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld

Career Achievements: First feature win last year, first of three wins in a row and my racing career began in quarter midgets at the little T.

#9  Amy Arsenault

Hometown: Smithfield, RI

Car Owner: Amy Arsenault

Car Make & Model: 1986 Cutlass

Primary Sponsor: Chaz’s Auto Body

Associate Sponsors: Anytime Reality

Crew Chief: Sparky Arsenault

Crew Members: Jay Arsenault and Jay Heroux

Birthday: June 9th

Material Status: Single

Non Racing Hobbies: Baking, Scrapbooking, Camping, Yoga, Crafts, and Traveling.

Favorite Racing Personality: Kasey Kahne and Brad Keselowski

Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots

Favorite Movie: The Notebook

Favorite TV Show: Scandal

Career Achievements: 2007 DAV Champion and 2015 Triple Crown Champion

What motivates you to drive:  My Dad. Racing is something that we can do together. It’s family time for us.

#10  Melissa Charette


Hometown: Taunton, MA

Car Owner: Melissa Charette

Car Make & Model: 1986 Cutlass

Primary Sponsor: T.F.B. Racing

Associate Sponsors: A.J.’s Tools and Paul’s Custom Exhaust

Crew Chief: Thomas Blackwell

Crew Members: John Coreia

Birthday: April 18th

Material Status: Single

Non Racing Hobbies: Working

Favorite Racing Personality: Adrenaline Rush

Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots

Favorite Quote: “Sure thing chicken wing”

Favorite Movie: Halloween

Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead

Career Achievements: Cash handling/ Customer service. Cashier/Fry cook at Seekonk Speedway

What motivates you to drive: Competition, The T.F.B. racing team, pressing the gas, going fast, and having some fun.

Anything else you would like the fans to know about you? I knew nothing about racing. Every season has been a challenge, I am learning more and more. Trying to get a win!

#16 Ed Gould


Hometown: Exeter, RI

Car Owner: Bill Chouinard

Car Make & Model: Buick Regal

Primary Sponsor: Chouinard Motorsports

Associate Sponsors: Gerry’s General Maintenance, Lion Gate Reality, and Jay Lavoie Appliance & Repair

What motivates you to drive? Fun!

#18 DJ Pires

Hometown: Somerset MA

Car Owner: DJ Pires

Car Make & Model: Chevy Malibu


Crew Chief: Dad

Crew Members: Josh Pyron, Billy Pires and anyone else willing to help out.

Birthday: May 12

Material Status: Married

Non Racing Hobbies: Sports and spending time with family and friends

Favorite Racing Personality: Kyle Busch

Favorite Sports Team: Boston Red Sox

Favorite Quote: “Coming in Hot”

Favorite Movie: Days of Thunder

Favorite TV Show: anything sports or racing related

Career Achievements: 2017 Pure Stock Feature winner, 2017 Pure Stock Rookie of the Year

What motivates you to drive:  The speed, competition and the challenge of trying to win each week.

Instagram: @djpires
Twitter: @djpires


#21 Jason Tisi


Hometown: Fall River, MA

Car Owner: Jason Tisi

Car Make & Model: Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

Primary Sponsor: Rosewood Realty

Associate Sponsors: Jeff’s Custom Grafix, SD Balfour Enterprises, Liquidmoney.com, Melissa Chalek with Ears of Experience

Crew Chief: Greg Perry

Crew Members: Mike Henriques, Danny Massa, Tommy Blackwell, Missy Charette, David Westgate and DJ Desrosiers

Birthday: December 28th

Material Status: Single

Non Racing Hobbies: Stunts and acting in film/television. Entrepreneur, Currently in R&D for Fragrance/cologne line, Beach, Surfing, Hanging at the race shop with racing buddies, and currently a student at U-Mass Dartmouth.

Favorite Racing Personality: Paul Menard Driver of #21

Favorite Sports Team: TFB Racing

Favorite Quote: “We’re here for a good time, not for a long time.”

Favorite Movie: Rush and Days of Thunder

Favorite TV Show: Shark tank and The Walking Dead

Career Achievements: 1 top 10 finish in 2017 Rookie Year, Appeared in several flims & tv shows. Including Ghostbusters, Rock and Roll Outlaw, Ballad of Myes Connor, Black Wake, The find,Silk Stalkings. Music videos: Machine Gun Kelly, Joyner Lucas, Monty& Remy boyz, Chris Webby, Token, Shy Glizzy & plies, and Masspike Miles. I’m a screen actors guild member, and wrote one screenplay that is registered with Writers Guild of America & US Copyright Office. I’m hoping to get produced in 2019! I’m also looking to launch an entrepreneurial venture. A fragrance line of his & hers cologne/perfume.

What motivates you to drive: I have a million dollars’ worth of fun racing each week. Love most of the people I’ve met in our local racing community- other drivers, their crews, the speedway staff, and of course the fans. I spent 2016 watching a lot of racing at Seekonk Speedway, and I’m still humbled and honored to be running alongside them now in the pure stock division. Also, I have just as much fun during the week preparing for a race as I do the night of racing. There’s an awesome bond we have, and working to put on a good show for the fans is always a lot of fun. I’m the least mechanically inclined guy in the shop, so I learn something seemingly every five minutes. That is motivating. Being behind the wheel is humbling. My rookie year in 2017 I drove a race car/ in 2018, I become a race car driver. When I get a win I’ll likely get my first tattoo.

Anything else you would like the fans to know about you?: Always grateful to meet the fans and getting a chance to thank them in person for coming to Seekonk Speedway. Enjoy some great racing!


#27 Emily Brightman


Hometown: Acushnet, MA

Car Owner: Mike Brightman

Car Make & Model: Oldsmobile Cutlass

Primary Sponsor: Impact Collison

Associate Sponsors: Lech Garage + Auto Body, Johnny Andrews, and Snap-On

Crew Chief: Mike Brightman

Crew Members: Owen Reed, Dave Brightman, Nick Brightman, Al Barbosa, and Jarrod Freitas

Birthday: December 16th

Non-Racing Hobbies: Spending time with family and working on cars

Favorite Racing Personality: Mike Brightman

Favorite Sports Team: Boston Bruins

Favorite Quote: “If you ain’t first you’re last!”

Favorite Movie: Days of Thunder

Favorite TV Show: American Pickers

Career Achievements: Most popular driver 2016, Most popular driver 2017, and Fans on parade 2017

What motivates you to drive? The Adrenaline

Facebook Handle: Brightman Racing

#31  Lenny Sousa

Hometown: Warren, RI

Car Owner: Lenny Sousa

Car Make & Model: Montecarlo

Primary Sponsor: Richie Insulation

Associate Sponsors: Sanford Sons, Rick Martin Race Cars, and Atlantic Water Management

Crew Chief: Brad Sousa

Crew Members: Jim Powers and Celeste Mello

Birthday: June 22nd

Non Racing Hobbies: Race slot cars and shooting hand guns.

Favorite Racing Personality: Mark Martin

Favorite Sports Team: New York Giants

Favorite Quote: “It’s not over till it’s over”

Favorite Movie: Jaws

Favorite TV Show: Blue Bloods

Career Achievements: Master Electrician

What motivates you to drive: The competition being able to compete with Racers half of my age.

#40 Robert Moore


Hometown: Norton, MA

Car Owner: Rob Moore

Car Make & Model: 87’ Monte Carlo

Primary Sponsor: Blue Water Ventures International

Associate Sponsors: Richard Petty Motorsports, Motivate Us, Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Fund, and Promise Lane

Crew Chief: Russ Lambert

Crew Members: Jeremy Lambert, Randy LaPlante, Shayne Lambert, Colby Lambert, Sheila Lambert, Maryellen Moore, and Jeff Michael

Birthday: July 3rd

Marital Status: Single

Non-Racing: Recording music and listening to my Father’s hysterical jokes.

Favorite Racing Personality: Bubba Wallace

Favorite Sports Team: Patriots

Favorite Quote: “There have been other tracks that separated the men from the boys. This is the track that will separate the brave from the weak after the boys are gone.” -Jimmy Thompson

Favorite Movie: Impractical Jokers

Facebook Handle: Robert Moore

Instagram Handle: Robert40moore

Snapchat Handle: Robert13moore


#41 Danny Massa

Hometown: North Dighton, MA

Car Owner: Massa Racing

Car Make & Model: 84 Buick Regal

Primary Sponsor: Massa Racing

Associate Sponsors: Tfb Racing, and Mark Murphy Auto Body

Crew Chief: Danny Massa Jr

Crew Members: Tfb Racing

Birthday: February 19th

Marital Status: Single

Non Racing Hobbies: Four wheeling, fishing, hiking, and traveling

Favorite Racing Personality: Tim Richmond

Favorite Sports Team: Patriots, Bruins, and the Celtics

Favorite Quote: “If I wanted to make friends I would have gone to summer camp” –T.C.

Favorite Movie: Driven

Favorite TV Show: The curse of Oak Island

Career Achievements: 3 career wins to date, 2 triple crown races, the 2017 d.a.v being the biggest win of my career, and best finish in points is 3rd.

What motivates you to drive? That every week I have a car that has a chance to win every time I go out on the track, and there’s nothing better than working hard all week on the car and can be able park it in victory lane at the end of the night!

Anything else you want the fans to know about you? I’m a crew member for #74 Sportsman Scott Bruneau and a Spotter for #56 Late Model Tommy Adams

Facebook Handle: Danny Massa

#49 Tommy Blackwell


Hometown: Taunton, MA

Car Owner: Thomas Blackwell

Car Make & Model: 84’ Monte Carlo

Primary Sponsor: T.F.B. Racing

Associate Sponsors: Paul’s Custom Exhaust and Mark Murphy Auto Body

Crew Chief: Thomas Blackwell

Crew Members: John Coreia, and all who help in the pits!

Birthday: March 3rd

Marital Status: Single

Non-Racing Hobbies: Fabricating and fishing

Favorite Racing Personality: Dale Earnhardt

Favorite Sports Team: Petty Racing

Favorite Quote: “What’s for dinner?”

Favorite Movie: Without a Paddle

Favorite TV Show: Dukes of Hazzard

Career Achievements: Mechanic

What motivates you to drive? Winning

#57 Marissa Morgan

Hometown: Tiverton, RI

Car Owner: Garner Morgan

Car Make & Model: Chevy Monte Carlo

Primary Sponsor: Cedar Hill Plumbing

Birthday: July 18th

Non Racing Hobbies: Dance

Favorite Racing Personality: Kyle Busch

Career Achievement’s: Won a race at Waterford, a triple crown, and 5th in points in second season of minicups.

Snapchat handle: marissa5762

#70 Jason Larivee

Hometown: West Greenwich, RI

Car Owner: Jason Larivee Jr.

Primary Sponsor: S.H. Concrete Works

Associate Sponsors: Slater’s Exeter Auto, Mom & Dad, and Kevin Moon Downtown Auto Repair

Crew Chief: Brian Arnold

Crew Members: My Dad; Jason Larivee Sr.

Birthday: November 18th

Marital Status: Single

#96 Nicholas Mignone

Hometown: Upton, MA

Car Owner: Nicholas Mignone

Car Make & Model:. 1980 Chevy Malibu

Primary Sponsor: Hiway Recovery

Associate Sponsors: George Summers Trucking, Moroney and Son Restoration

Crew Chief:  Robert Mignone

Crew Members: Ricky Summers, and Tim Moroney

Birthday: May 27th

Marital Status: Single

Non Racing Hobbies: Assistant Coach for the Sacred Heart Club Baseball Team, and Fishing

Favorite Racing Personality:  Trevor Bayne

Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots

Favorite Quote: “When you think positive, good things will happen” -Matt Kemp

Favorite Movie: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Favorite TV Show: Monday Night Football

Career Achievements: Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Sacred Heart University

What motivates you to drive:  My father and I have common interest in racing. Working for him has made me realize how well we can work together. We have always talked about it and now finally have the opportunity to put a car out on the track. I feel grateful that I have a father that I can call my boss, friend, and role model.

Anything else you would like the fans to know about you: Ladies, I am available.

Instagram Handle: @Filetmign0ne

#1 Laurie Bonaparte

#3 Max Bergstrom

#03 Mike Henriques

#3 Max Bergstrom

#53 Katie Pangelinan