PJ Evans dropped from outside the second row into the runnerup spot behind polesitter Colin Vanasse then shot into the lead before lap one was complete. From there, he owned the front for the remainder of the 15-lap feature. He got plenty of pursuit from Smilin’ Reese Bogue, starting on lap four and continuing to the finish. Vanasse stayed close to the front and gathered in third, just ahead of Ethan Dion and Brenden LeBelle, who rounded out the top five.

Ryan Vanasse, Jr. started behind cousin Colin and underneath Evans in row two. As the checkers fell, Ryan had momentary problems that dropped him back just enough for Evans to shoot down and onto Colin’s tail through the first two turns and then underneath as Colin moved uptrack on the backstretch. Ryan recovered and drove up to Evans’ bumper with Colin and Adam Harrison charging in behind him. Bogue had started inside LeBelle in row three and as Evans went to a four-car lead on the second circuit, drifted up as LeBelle moved ahead. However, Dion and LeBelle got together to bring out the first caution.

Evans and Ryan lined up with Colin and Harrison in row two. Evans burst out of the box and Colin slipped under Ryan and into second. Bogue got under Ryan and Rob Murphy, Jr. grabbed fifth. Ryan then ducked under Colin just as Colin Floyd slowed to a stop in turn three. Floyd ended his evening pitside.

Evans was away again under the green and Bogue ducked under Colin then into second. Colin and Ryan were again wheel-to-wheel before Colin took over third. Bogue latched onto Evans’ bumper as Murphy shot into third. Ryan pushed in under him, intending to steal the position, but they became entangled in turn two, brining the third and final caution with ten laps remaining.

Evans again pulled away from Bogue and Smilin’ Reese dropped into second on his bumper. Colin grabbed third with Dion at his back and Harrison running fifth. LeBelle was coming up on his outside.

As the field stretched out, Bogue began to empty his entire bag of tricks to circumvent Evans, who repeatedly held off all advances. From moment-to-moment they seemed to be running as one. Colin followed in third, fending off Dion as Harrison and LeBelle pursued. Ryan Vanasse, coming from a restart at the rear began to shoot forward through the field. LeBelle was on the outside and moving through the crowd as well.

Evans and Bogue pulled away from the field as they battled and began passing lapped cars with six circuits remaining. Passing Brandon Cowen broke the force holding the two leaders together and Evans gained a few feat of breathing room over Bogue. Colin continued in third, leading the field with Dion at his back, followed by LeBelle, Harrison, Vanasse, Murphy and Jaden Dib.

Bogue came back up and was again at Evans bumper with three laps remaining. He looked under, but Evans slammed the door, forcing him to back off; Evans then shot ahead into a three-car lead. Bogue pushed hard and cut it to two lengths going under the white flag. The pursuit was disrupted by passing the lapped cars of Mike Hanafin and Brent Robidoux.

Evans had all the lead he needed and flashed under the checkers with the win as Bogue ran in for second.

Sixth on the event went to Harrison, followed by Ryan Vanasse, Jr., Murphy, Dib, Hanafin and Robidoux.