by Dana Rowe

Greg Perry, Jr. nailed down the Pure Stock win by disappointing Ava Chouinard, who had led the first sixteen laps of the feature. But Perry’s lack of sympathy for the Pure Stock rookie and his ability to hold off Dave Desrosiers over the final nine laps made him the winner on the evening. Desroseirs was the runner-up, followed by The outlaw – Danny Massa, Mike Henriques and Amy Arsenault to round out the top five.

Ava started on the pole and spring boarded out of the starting box away from Tommy Blackwell. Marissa Morgan ducked under Blackwell from the second row to take over second and give chase to Chouinard. Perry was running fourth behind Blackwell, just ahead of Randy Laplante.

` Three laps in, Chouinard had a one-car lead and Perry was by Blackwell. Desrosers followed into fourth and the top six cars were now running nose-to-tail. Behind them came Bill Chouinard, Amy Arsenault, Massa and the side-by-side duo of Max Bergstrom and Lenny Sousa.

By now, the field had strung out into single file and they ran the next five laps in order. Ava generated a three-car lead and then Massa began to move up, getting around Arsenault. Perry also moved up, getting past Morgan into second. Morgan returned the favor, dropping under Perry as Desrosiers followed. But there was contact between the two and Morgan slid into the grass off turn two.

Caution flew and Chouinard ran door-to-door with Perry out of the box. She grabbed the lead in turn four but Perry settled onto her bumper followed by Desrosiers and a door-to-door duel between Laplante and Blackwell.

Perry got his nose back under with ten to go and they waged a torrid battle over the lead. Ava had a nose ahead at the stripe and they ran to lap four dead even. But Perry burst into the lead entering lap eight. Desrosiers looked under Chouinard but she shut the door. Perry pulled away ahd had an eight car lead in lap seven. Bill Chouinard then spun out, bringing caution.

Perry pulled away and Desrosiers ducked under Ava into second. Massa was fourth behind her, followed by Arsenault. The Outlaw then moved into third and Ava was stuck on the outside with a long line of traffic below her.

The field circled the track in order as Perry moved out to a six-car lead with two to go, then under the white silk. At the checkers it was Perry, Desrosiers, Massa, Henriques and Arsenault.

Sixth went toSousa, followed by Randy Laplante, Ava, Doug Benoit and DJ Pires. Benoit’s ninth clinched the 2018 Pure Stock championship for him.