Paul Lallier fought through a messy field of clashing cars to come out the other end of the race with the Victory Lane trophy in hand. He started fourteenth and as the field brawled ahead of him, he worked his way toward the front and a tighter lock on the next championship. His win puts him 12 points up on current champ Scott Bruneau on the current season with three races remaining in the regular season. Kid Chaos, Corey Fanning, who had led 23 of the 35 laps on the race, finished second and earned the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown honors for his efforts. Third came Tyler Lallier, while Rey Lovelace and Kyle Casper rounded out the top five.

Fanning leapt out of the starting box at the outset and Lallier dropped in from the outside pole. Donald Perry, Ed Perry and Craig Pianka followed. Fanning put a short distance between himself and Tyler and they wound through the first ten laps with speed the main factor. By lap 10, Lallier was cruising one car behind Fanning. Ed Perry was third, followed by Pianka, Vinny Pangelinan, Dicvk Benoit, Rey Lovelace and Paul Lallier. The field had strung out and they ran some parade laps with the drivers running hard and clean.

However, with 21 laps remaining, there was contact in the middle of the pack and a fender fell off, settling at mid-track just out of turn four and bringing out the caution flag.

Fanning and Tyler had Ed Perry and Pianka behind them for the restart. Perry dropped under Fanning, who was fending off Tyler and one lap later surged to the front. Fanning made contact with Perry’s rear and chaos ensued as the entire field sought to avoid the spinning Perry, who settled to the infield grass. Perry pitted as well as Benoit and Bruneau. David Smith was stuck on the backstretch but was finally able to refire his engine.

Fanning and Tyler were still the front row duo; Pianka and Pangelinan followed and now Paul shared row three with Vinny. Fanning was away out of turn two and Pianka got under Tyler and into second. Paul ducked under Tyler as Kyle Casper appeared on their bumpers. Casper went underneath into fourth as Fanning pulled a five car lead and Paul got under Pianka. Pianka shot ahead and Benoit took some damage from contact in turn four. Joe Melberg and Joe Becham ended up on the grass in turn four.

Fanning and Pianka lined up with Paul and Casper behind them. Tyler and Pangelinan followed, ahead of Lovelace and Gargaro. Fanning ran ahead across the stripe and Paul ducked under Pianka into second. But coming off turn four, But there was contact and Pianka did the wall very hard. Casper was behind him and also bounced off but suffered less damage. Pianka was able to exit the car under his own power and walk to the pits. His car had to be hooked off the track.

Fanning and Paul lined up and Fanning grabbed the lead. Paul dropped in with Tyler at his back. They ran door-to-door briefly and then Paul took the lead. Tyler followed through into second and Lovelace took fourth with Pangelinan on his bumper. Sparky Arsenault and Bruneau followed.

Fanning got under Tyler with eight laps remaining and on the next circuit had driven back into second. Paul had generated a five-car advantage that set Fanning to work with five laps left. Two laps later, the gap had been narrowed but it looked like there weren’t enough laps to bring them together.

At the finish, Casper had worked his way back up to fifth. Coming out of turn four, Pangelinan broke loose and spun, and Arsenault and Bruneau snared sixth and seventh. But Vinny was able to let it go backwards across the line to secure eighth. Paul Williams and Billy Hutchins, Jr. completed the top ten.