Josh Parsons has had a consistent season, enough so that he has been just short of Legends points leader Jake Matheson since Matheson’s win on the second night of the Fast Friday season.  It was so close that Matheson needed to finish within two spots or Parsons would claim the championship.

            Late in the feature, as anticipation mounted, Matheson was trailing Parsons by two cars.  But Parsons went past Mason Tessier into second, and Matheson was in jeopardy of giving the championship over to him.  Brendan Hamman was the car ahead of Jake and he hurled more coal into the firebox to overtake.  They battled briefly but Matheson pushed past and only Tessier stood between Matheson and Parsons.  They flashed across the line in this order and Matheson had retained the championship by a mere two points.  Can’t get much closer than that.  At the front, Derek Gluchacki apparently had another win on the season to make his total six.  However, post-race inspection turned up a glitch that made Parsons the winner.  It did not effect the championship standings as all other competitors, Matheson included, moved up one each

            At the outset,   Tessier and Mason Levesque went door-to-door out of the starting box and through a full lap before Tessier could outrun his fellow Mason.  Jacob Burns ducked under Levesque into second and TJ Thompson grabbed fourth, ahead of Hammann.  The field paced around two more circuits before Sean Buffington climbed up into third.  Gluchacki was active, rushing up from the latter part of the starting grid onto Hammann’s bumper, then getting past underneath.

            By now, Tessier was four cars up on Thompson.  In the pack, it went three-wide as Matheson got under Levesque and Jacob Burns into seventh on lap eight.  This had him on Hammann tail and Parsons was in front of Hammann, keeping Matheson still in line for the championship.

            As Gluchacki began to contest Thompson’s hold on second, Buffington moved in to the fray. There was contact and Thompson spun but was able to keep it moving.

            Tessier had a six-car lead on Buffington on lap 13. Gluchacki was all over the latter’s tail and Parsons and Hammann followed in hot pursuit.  Gluchacki made his pass with eight laps to go and began narrowing the lead to Tessier.  He knocked off three lengths on the next lap and was at his bumper after another round trip. Parsons roared in and the top three were running nose-to-tail.

            Gluchacki went to the outside with five remaining and was able to push into the lead as Parsons leapt in and helped create a three-wide.  Tessier dropped to third and there were now two cars – Tessier and Hammann between Parsons and Matheson.  Matheson needed to cut that down and stuck his nose under Hammann, who made a great effort, but Matheson prevailed heading under the white flag.  They flashed around the oval once more without changing places and Gluchacki was first under the checkers.  Unfortunately, this was lost in tech, giving the win to Parsons. Tessier was second, followed by

Matheson, Hammann and Austin MacDonald, in for a race all the way from Nova Scotia.  Sixth went to Burns, followed by Buffington, Levesque and Matthew Carpenter.