John Paiva and Barry Shaw dueled relentlessly over the final ten laps of the second stop on the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown for trucks with an opportunistic Scott Dion on their bumpers.  The thirty-lap feature saw its final restart on lap 21 with Paiva and Shaw holding the front row and Dion outside Nick Uhrig behind them.   They came away from the green door-to-door and began a dogfight to the finish, seesawing the lead with Dion on Paiva’s bumper, looking for a chance underneath.  Paiva was forced to hold the line to prevent Dion from taking over underneath while Shaw stayed alongside on high side.  Paiva held sway at the completion of laps 21 through 23, with shaw nosing out on 24.  Paiva grabbed the edge on 26 but shaw was back on 26 and 27.  Dion kept inserting his nose under Paiva each time the leaders exited the turn, but was unable to get through.

Finally, Shaw got loose out of turn two on the white flag lap, falling back and allowing Dion to get by under him, right on Paiva’s bumper.  Shaw kept on, and surged back on the outside, but it was Paiva who flashed across the stripe in the lead.  Dion was  just .343 seconds back with Shaw just .02 off Dion’s time.  Rob Murphy and Brandon Dion rounded out the top 5.

Lenny Guy started on the pole out the outset with Darrel Church on the outside.  Anna Gregoire was low on the second row and looked underneath immediately, but caution waved immediately, with Dion coming away with most of his right front fender missing.

The full race restart saw Guy away with Gregoire nabbing second and Church on her bumper.  Rob Murphy leapt up from his seventh place start and  went under Guy for the lead on lap two.  Shaw had started outside Murphy and breezed up to ease Guy out of second.  Into lap four, Murphy led Shaw, Rick Martin had nabbed third, coming up from eighth and Paiva had followed him up to fourth, leaving Guy in fifth.

Brandon Dion edged into fifth, followed by Church and the field circled the track in line until Chase Belcher looped out of turn four, bringing a lap eleven caution.

Martin was under Shaw into second as Murphy pulled into the lead from the pole.  Paiva engaged Shaw and they were side-by-side battling for third. when Uhrig and Brandon made contact sending Brandon around.  A second restart on lap eleven saw Murphy away again and Martin taking over second.  Martin harassed Murphy’s bumper and then was underneath into the lead on the following lap.  Paiva and Shaw battled over third followed by Uhrig, Church and Scott Dion.

Paiva was banging on Murphy’s rear bumper while Shaw fought it out with Scott.  Bill Schoeler spun out of turn two, bringing up a lap 19 restart.  Martin and Murphy went door-to-door with Paiva looking for an opening as Shaw eased up and fell back.  But another caution followed for debris on the track.  Martin and Paiva were now the front for the restart and Murphy had Uhrig on his outside in the second row.

Martin brake-checked at the box and the restart was called back and he received the call to the rear.  On the restart, Gregoire got sideways and nosed into Martin’s right front, bringing his tire down and causing other front end damage.  Martin parked and exited the truck at the stripe, eyed officials in the tower and trudged slowly to the pits as the track crew hooked up his truck for the tow back to the pits.  This set Paiva and Shaw alongside each other on the front row to begin the duel to the finish.

Guy, Church, Joey Parker, Uhrig and Mike Duarte rounded out the top ten.  Just out of the top group was Frank Duquette, making his first start in the Ronny Cornell ride and setting fastest lap on the event at 15.119.  Just off that were Parker and Joey Wakefield, both setting laps of 15.147.