The Outlaw – Daniel Massa – took his second win on the season, but this one was the Special. He led the DAV Memorial from green to checkers and battled Greg Perry the entire distance. Perry ran in the runnerup’s spot from the starter’s box to the finishing line but could not quite solve the problem presented by a very fast Massa.

DJ Pires started third and held the position until Doug Benoit came up from sixth to challenge, and they swapped the lead until Colby Lambert arrived from eighth and shook up the order, getting past Pires onto Benoit’s tail, relegating Pires to fifth.

The race started with Massa coming off the pole into the lead. He had a half-car on Perry after a lap, but Bob Moore went around in turn one, collecting Donald Perry and Mike Henriques. Henriques retreated to the pits with much damage. Perry followed. Moore went back into action but was becalmed before the restart and had to be pushed to the pits, eliminating three cars right at the outset.

Massa and Perry went door-to-door briefly, before Massa was back at the front and Perry was looking for opportunities. Benoit climbed into fourth behind Lenny Sousa and two laps later, was in Sousa’s spot, looking ahead to Pires and watching Lambert in his mirror.

Amy Arsenault pulled in behind Sousa and they swapped ownership of sixth place behind Lambert until Sousa finally cemented his claim on lap seven, going the rest of the distance in that slot. Benoit, at the same time, deprived Pires of third, but the latter came back three laps later. They continued to duel and Pires held him off until lap 21, then succumbed to Benoits continued assaults. Lap 22 saw Lambert move him back another spot. With eight laps remianing, the top six positions had already been filled.

Amy Arsenault and Jeremy Lambert spend the bulk of the race debating over seventh. Arsenault was able to finally secure the position on lap 26 and Lambert fell into the clutches of Dennylee Hoffman, in from Waterford for the DAV, edged Lambert back one step further and Eric Schwegel moved him another spot back.

Massa had been putting distance on his pursuer. By lap 18, he was ten cars up on Perry. He had doubled that over the next ten circuits and had an insurmountable advantage with two laps remaining, which he carried to the checkers. Perry crossed in second followed by Benoit, Lambert and Pires. Sousa was sixth, while Arsenault, Hoffman, Eric Schwegel and Jeremy Lambert completed the top ten.