Danny “The Outlaw” Massa and Dave Desrosiers looked like the whole show in Pure Stocks as from lap three on, they waged a withering battle over the front in the 30-lap feature, with Desrosiers able to pull off the win after 22 laps holding down the front with an equall 22 circuits of Desrosiers emptying his entire bag of tricks to get past. Their Thunder Road antics were a crowd-pleaser and the only disappointment was that one of them had to yield the win to the other.

Desrosiers started low in the second row with Massa at his back bumper, while Daryl Perry had the pole and Ava Chouinard the outside. Out of the starting box, Perry had the lead in turn two while Desrosiers was getting under Chouinard into second coming over the stripe into lap two. Massa kept Ava stuck on the outside as he followed Desrosiers underneath into third. Lap three was a numerologist’s dream as the top three read: 51, 81, 41, translating to Perry, Desrosiers and Massa. Chouinard was at last able to drop into the groove in fourth but that was just as Ed Gould spun onto the grass between turns one and two.

Perry had Desrosiers on his shoulder and Massa on his bumper as they lined for the restart. Choinard was outside the second row while Ed Perry, Jr and Mike Henriques held down row three. Daryl nosed ahead at the stripe, but Desrosiers ran to the lead in turn two. Massa then ran underneath Daryl into second. Ed Perry also stormed past as well as Doug Benoit. Once wedged to the outside, Daryl suffered the great freight train to the rear and was unable to settle in until tenth. The top three was held down by Desrosiers, Massa and Ed Perry, and would continue that way until the finale. Massa and Desrosiers would swap the front three times until lap eight. At that point, positions 1, 2 and three were decided but none of the three was out of the broiler. Desrosiers was up for a gunfight with The Outlaw and gave it to him to the crowd’s great pleasure. Perry acquired Amy Arsenault and Doug Benoit side-by-side behind him and he had all he could do to hold them off for lap after lap.

Lenny Sousa struck a glancing blow off the back wall and tried to pit on lap 3, but missed the exit ramp and came to a stop. Before the yellow could fly, he was down a lap. Although he returned before the restart, he ran the rest of the feature a lap down.

It was door-to-door between Desrosiers and Massa on the restart until Desrosiers had the lead. But Massa stormed back and took the front and Perry settled into third, pursued by Randy Laplante and Choinard. Arsenault, Benoit and Henriques roared up behind.

Ten laps in and Laplante and Choinard got together, and into the infield out of turn three. Massa and Desrosiers had Ed Perry and Arsenault to back them up while Benoit and Henriques were row three. They hacksawed the lead for a lap then Desroseiers dropped into second. Perry continued to fight off the side-by-side assault on third by Arsenault and Benoit. Benoiit moved up Perry’s outside but fell back alongside Arsenault.

As Massa held a one-car lead, Max Bergstrom wedged in under Henriques, stole sixth for a moment, then fell back. The field was stable for two laps before DJ Pires showed up to challenge Heriques. He nosed I under. Ahead of them, Benoit and Arsenault were still all over Ed Perry who held them off and coolly pursued Massa and Desrosiers who brawled it out over the lead.

Perry was still unable to escape and Benoit/Arsenault were unable to pass as they were a flying wedge ahead of the mob of pursuers.

With three laps remaining, Benoit began falling back and Henriques looked under Arsenault. There was contact and she did a 360 bringing out the caution. Henriques was called on the assist and joined her at the rear for the restart.

With four laps remaining, Massa and Desrosiers lined up for the shootout, Perry and Benoit followed and Pires was in row three with Daryl Perry. They were door-to-door into turn one, but Massa seized the advantage in turn two. Dave dropped into second with Ed Perry at his back. Pires suged into fourth while Bergstrom ducked in under Benoit. Laplante then ducked under Benoit with Sousa at his bumper.

At the Checkers, Massa had the win and Desrosiers was the runnerup. Ed Perry had held off the world and finished third ahead of Pires. Bergstrom held off Benoit for fifth. Benoit’s sixth place was good to win the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown. He was followed across the line by Laplante, Daryl Perry, Marissa Morgan and Ava Chouinard to complete the top ten.