by Dana Rowe

It becomes harder each week, it seems, to introduce another story on how Devin Deshaies won the latest race in Bandolero Bandits. Finding a different set of words and writing a different lead on the story. Again this week, he has done it again and is the first champion at Seekonk Speedway to clinch a title in 2018.

It’s hard to say something new about how he wins each race. Nine times over the season, the temptation is to say, “He dives the doors off his car until he is in Victory Lane,” but that is exactly how he does it. It’s a darned hard job, and Devin makes it look easy. That’s the way of champions.

This week, he started in the middle of a 12-car group. 

Here’s how it went:

Nathan smith led from the pole with Joey LeMay at outside pole. Riley Caron and Isaiah Newcomb (one of the miracles who has won a Bandits race in the face of Deshaies’ dominance) were row two and Devin sat in row three outside Giovanni Ruggerio, another miracle who has won in 2018.

As they broke from the starting box, Nate took the lead in turn two. Riley ducked under Joey into second. As they finished lap one, Devin Deshaies was at Riley’s bumper. He tried to duck under, but Mr. Caron shut the door and went to Smith’s high side, got his nose ahead down the backstretch and took the lead, proper in turn four. Deshaies held on to third and on the third lap, ducked under Smith as Newcomb went to Smith’s high side for a three-wide. Suddenly he was second behind Caron, Smith was fourth and Newcomb dropped back in, but not before LeMay had usurped fourth place. Ruggerio followed Newcomb.

Lap five ran the same order and lap six saw Caron gain a bit of lead. For the next seven laps, that was the order of things as the competitors paraded around the speedway at high speed. Each one wondering how they would move up except for the leader: Caron.

With five laps to go, Deshaies dropped low and sran under Caron at the stripe. He had the lead in turn one. Lap four saw the new order: Deshaies, Caron, Smith LeMay on Smith’s bumper, Newcomb and Ruggerio. Next lap was the same. And the third – two laps to go – Devin had a seven-car lead over LeMay, who had supplanted Smith in second.

It remained unchanged under the white flag and was still the same at the checkers. Devin Deshaies had won his ninth race on the season.