Isaiah Newcomb brought a new ride to the DAV issue of Bandolero Bandits.  It was Devin Deshaies’ former car and Devin is moving up:  Newcomb bought the car, and it worked for him like it did for Deshaies: a big win in the Venditti Memorial. Newcomb got by Joey LeMay at mid-race, fought it out for several laps with Giovanni Ruggerio, then held off LeMay for the final five laps to the checkers.

            Newcomb and Ruggerio were the only ones to unseat Deshaies in his 10-win season and Isaiah did it twice – the Venditti win gives him three on the season.  His first win back in June was his career first.

            This time, he started third, sorted the new car out over the first eight circuits, then took on Ruggerio.  Giovanni had battled polesitter LeMay on the outside for two laps at the outset, before settling into second on LeMay’s bumper.  Newcomb ran third, followed by Brandon Cowen – third generation racer, grandson of Linwood Cowen – and Colin Floyd.

            Ruggerio was all over LeMay’s bumper, running high and low, but was unable to steer a course around his rival.  But nine laps in, Floyd spun out of turn four.

            LeMay and Ruggerio lined up for the restart with Newcomb and Cowen in row two.  Gio took a nose at the stripe, but LeMay pushed ahead in turn two and they went door-to-door down the backstretch.  LeMay used the low side to grab the lead going through turn four.  Ruggerio was wide and Newcomb leveraged that into second place but Giovanni ducked under for some side-by-side.  Now Newcomb got very wide.  There was some bumper tag midway through and LeMay spun out of turn two. Ruggerio was called for the assist. Floyd retired to the pits.

            Newcomb and LeMay lined up, followed by Ruggerio and Cowen. Newcomb grabbed the lead in turn one, Ruggerio stuck his nose underneath but was unable to proceed.  LeMay grabbed third and they ran single file until Cowen spun to the grass.

            Again it was Newcomb and Ruggerio at the front. Newcomb took a nose then Ruggerio nosed ahead at the stripe.  Newcomb had the front coming out of turn two.  LeMay got under Ruggerio and into second with Cowen running fourth.

            Over the final two, LeMay and Ruggerio debated second, giving Newcomb clear air to move away and Cowen took a look underneath. But coming down to the checkers, the two combatants traded some paint and Ruggerio spun out of turn four, down the frontstretch.  LeMay notched second behind Newcomb and Ruggerio controlled the spin to fly backwards across the line in third.  Cowen was fourth.