Richie Murray was headed for the opening day win in Sport Fours but with the end in sight, his transmission popped out of gear. He gained his career first win at mid-season and then sister Crystal, co-driving the same car, took her first victory.  It was Richie’s turn at the DAV and he pushed past Karlin Levesque at mid-race to lead the final fifteen laps to the Checkers.  Teammate and 2018 Sport  Four champion AJ Manuel chased him the entire fifteen circuits, but couldn’t close in for the pass as Murray kept a couple of carlengths ahead.  Third went to 2017 champ, David Westgate and Levesque and Jordan Lopes rounded out the top five.

            As Levesque pulled away from the pole on the green, Lopes ducked under Tough Tim Bolger. Murray took Lopes’ place under Westgate and Manuel moved into sixth.  He got under Bolger  and three laps in was running fourth behind Murray.

            Nine laps in and Levesque had a ten-car lead but Lopes got sideways in turn two and fell back.  Manuel burst into second as Murray dropped off and made contact with Lopes. They were able to continue and did, but caution waved for debris dropped in turn two by the contact.

            The restart, with positions of the previous completed lap, had Lopes outside Levesque and the Murray-Manuel pairing in row two. Westgate and Bolger followed, just ahead of Arthur Meack and Samantha Mattera.  Levesque nosed ahead and Lopes dropped in going through turn one. Murray and Manuel were wheel-to-wheel. It didn’t last long as Murray nosed under Lopes, and Manuel went to the outside, making it a three-wide.  The trio broke up with Lopes falling back and Murry grabbing second with Manuel third.  Bolger, Meack, Mattera and Tyler Almeida followed.

            They wound around to lap nine, where Levesque, Murray and Manuel were running nose-to-tail.  Murray was able to drop under Levesque coming out of turn four. They ran the next two laps whipsawing the lead until Murray grabbed the lead and Manuel ducked under Levesque as the leaders began to encounter lapped traffic.  Murray went out to a two-car lead as Manuel worked his way past Levesque. Westgate pursued, followed by Levesque, David Simpson, Jr., and Tyler Dunancik.

The lead quartet remained the same over the next four laps as Murray gained another carlength on Manuel to make it a three-car lead.

            The final five laps were a parade for the leaders as all five kept their hammers down, finally jetting under the checkers.

            Bolger followed in sixth, chased across by Meack, Mattera, Nicholas Alves, Dunancik and Simpson.