by Dana Rowe

Jake Matheson was elated after winning the Legends feature and holding off a charge at the championship by Josh Parsons, who has been within striking distance over the closing weeks of the season. It was a wild finish to the race as eight cars came brawling across the finish line all at once and all eight finishing within the same second on the timing clock. Eighth-place Luke LeBrun was just .9088 of a second off Mathesons winning pace and Luke was only .093 (ninety-three thousandths) off seventh place Parsons’ tally. Matheson and Casey Call, Eric LeBrun and Derek Gluchacki came brawling down to the line in a single clot, whirling together so that the electronic timer was needed to tell athem apart. Brendan Hammann was just off their pace, followed by Jacob Burns ahead of Parsons and LeBrun.

Mason Tessier had led from the pole with Mason Levesque on the outside. Levesque grabbed the front and Tessier dropped in, while Reagan Parent, Hammann and Eric LeBrun followed., with Parent grabbing onto Tessier’s bumper. He tyhen went underneath and into the lead just before caution flew.

Parent was away from Tessier in turn one on the restart but Call rushed passed everyone into second and Hammann grabbed third ahead of Parsons and Matheson. Call fastened onto Parent’s bumper in turn three. Lap ten saw Call look underneath and then give Parent a bump. He responded by pulling ahead. Call looked under again, Parent slammed the door and there was contact and Parent spun out. Parent and Parsons pitted for adjustments while Call and Hammann lined up with Matheson and Eric in row two.

Call went to the lead and LeBrun ducked under Hammann. Luke got under Matheson just as Joe DeRensis spun out. Call pulled out again and the results behind him echoed the previous restart. Gluchacki moved up to fifth as Matheson ducked under Hammann into fifth.

The lead group swirled about trading places over the next several laps. Caution was called as Luke was forced to pit due to a loose bumper.

Call was away again and now Gluchacki was on his bumper with Eric Lebrun on his outside. He made contact with call, then fell back. Matheson used the opportunity to steal second place. Call Gluchacki and Matheson brawled at the front as Parent spun out with three laps remaining. The lined up for the restart with Call at the front, Gluchacki outside and Matheson low in the second row under Hammann. On the green, Gluchacki got wide and Matheson went under, making it three wide at the front. Matheson came out of it with the lead, ahead of Call and Gluchacki.

It seemed that the entire field was the lead group coming down to the checkers, but Matheson held on to the lead, followed across by Call and then Eric.. Gluchacki was fourth, and Hammann took Fifth. Sixth went to Jacob Burns followed by Parsons, Luke, Levesque and Tessier.