The Outlaw, Danny Massa, Jr. stole a big win, pushing past Ava Chouinard 20 laps into the thirty-lap feature, then held off Greg Perry to the line to bring home the win. Chouinard came in third, followed by Doug Benoit and Lenny Sousa to complete the top five. Tommy Blackwell had fought his way to fifth, but was caught up in a tech infraction in post-race inspection.

Chouinard took the lead from the pole position, nosing ahead of Joey Morrisette, who set up a big battle as Max Bergstrom ran in underneath. Meanwhile, Massa was looking under Marissa Morgan for fourth. Behind them, Benoit and Amy Arsenault were dueling for position.

Ava quickly established a four-car lead and Bergstrom edged Morrissette for second. Massa, Morgan and Benoit followed. Benoit passed Morgan onto Massa’s tail. Arsenault followed with Perry on her high side.

Massa looked underneath Morrissette but was refused. Behind Chouinard, Bergstrom, Morrissette and Massa executed a three-wide with Massa and Morrissette going door-to-door in turn two, battling out through turn four. By this time, Chouinard had built a comfortable 18-car advantage over Bergstrom. Morgan continued to give chase behind Morrissette and Massa.

Benoit ran up to her bumper.

Eight laps in and Ava was a half-straight in front. Behind her, seven cars were running nose-to-tail, featuring Bergstrom, Massa, Morrissette, Morgan, Benoit, Perry and Arsenault. It was all spoiled by a solo spin in turn four.

Ava took a nose on Bergstrom and Massa dived in from low in the second row sticking Bergstrom on the outside. Marissa Morgan followed with Poerry on her bumper and Morrissette on the outside. Chouinard gained a carlength of breathing room but Massa then came roaring up to her bumper. The distance between them pitched and yawed. Meanwhile Mike Henriques came up to Morgan as Perry pushed past. Henriques followed into fifth.

Lap 17 saw Massa dig in under Chouinard, who nosed ahead but could not get far enough to drop and block. Massa continued to push and they were dead even crossing the stripe with ten to go. The Outlaw claimed the front in turn three. Chouinard now had Bergstrom on her tail, followed by Perry and Doug Benoit. But Bergstrom spun in turn four, bringing up a lap 22 restart.

Massa won the drag race out of the box and Perry ducked under Chouinard for second. They brawled into the next lap before Perry could secure the position. Behind Chouinard, Blackwell and Benoit dueled for fourth just ahead of Lenny Sousa.

With six circuits remaining, Perry was all over The Outlaw’s bumper. Perry was high and then low and high again. But Massa kept steady and held him off. He got a bit of help as they got into some lapped traffic with two to go. Behind them, Chouinard continued in third, chased by Benoit, Blackwell, Sousa, Cliff Avila and Morrissette.

Perry launched a final attempt through the white flag lap, but Massa was able to hold him off to the checkers for the win.

Avila claimed sixth, followed by Morrissette, Arsenault, Billy Chouinard, Bergstrom, Henriques and Missy Charette.