Radical Rick Martin went for a very fast ride between the initial green flag and the Checkers, taking the lead out of the starting box and not stopping nor giving up his lead until he roared under the checkered flag.  The entire distance, he had a hungry Darryl Church on his back bumper.  Church was able to close but could not get by the determined leader.  After 25 laps without caution, they finished 1-2 on the race.  Nick Uhrig had tracked third for all but two of the laps.  It was, however, the drivers in fourth fifth and sixth:  Rob Murphy, Barry Shaw and last week’s winner John Paiva who supplied most of the drama.

Scott Dion held the fourth spot on the third circuit, but Murphy navigated underneath to deprive him.  Two laps later, Paiva had followed the same route and Shaw came thrugh two laps later.  This trio began a dogfight over the fourth slot coming around rubbing bumpers in their haste to get past each other through lap 10.

While Church was trying to look under Martin only to have the door slammed in his face,  Brandon Dion was working past his father, Scott, for seventh place.  Murphy, Paiva and Shaw continued to joust.  Shaw was still on Paiva’s bumper in lap 12 and Murphy was after Uhrig’s third spot.

Now Shaw set himself at getting under Paiva, who was leaving space on the low side.  They went door to door for two laps before Shaw plunged out onto Murphy’s tail in lap fifteen.  By this time, Martin and Church were plunging through lapped traffic and Murphy had to pull off the  attempts to get over or under into second.  .  Lap eighteen saw Martin still on the point witch Church plugging after him,   Uhrig, Murphy, Shaw with Paiva on his bumper, Brandon and Scott in that order.

Uhrig was loose in lap 21 and again, Murphy pounced on him but  was unable to take over third.  Now Shaw was troubling Murphy’s bumper.  They both set after Uhrig high and low, but he set himself in the lane and neither could find the route through to third.  Paiva pressed them both hard, but  they flew under the checkers still contesting positions.

Following Paiva in seventh was Brandon Dion and Scott held eighth.  Joey Parker and Dave Haywood completed the top ten.

In conquest of speed, Martin held sway over Church, posting a lap of 14.764 to 14.898