Martin had to contend with Uhrig on his shoulder for the restart.  Last year’s rookie-of-the-year has been threatening to take his first feature all season and Martin steeled himself for the onslaught.  Out of the box, Uhrig kept it door-to-door, but Martin eased ahead, then had control going into turn two.  While Uhrig, in the green-white-checkered restart, concentrated on fighting the outside, the wily Mike Cavallaro snugged up on Martin’s bumper, freezing Uhrig on the outside.  Rob Murphy dropped in behind Cavallaro and Martin found himself dancing at the head of a dogfight.

The moment was what he needed to edge away momentarily on the way to the finish.  Cavallaro  locked on behind and drew Murphy with him.  Uhrig, with points leader John Paiva looking to get past, held on in fourth.

The final two laps were a flat-out duel to the stripe, with Martin flying through a half-second ahead of Cavallaro.  Murphy awas three tenths of a second off Cavallaro as Uhrig and Paiva completed the top five.

Post-race, Martin commented that he was looking forward to his hundredth win, now that he’d gotten past ninety.

Racing kicked off with Plesitter Uhrig getting away from Anna Gregoire, who battled him on the outside for a lap until Lenny Guy spun out of turn two, ending up facing traffic on the edge of the grass at the beginning of the backstretch.  Joey Wakefiled locked them up and slid sideways to avoid Guy and slid in with a light tap against his front bumper.  But Billy Clarke, coming in behind Wakefield braked but piled into Wakefield’s driver’s side.   The impact bent Wakefield’s driveshaft and sent him to the pits for the night along with Guy and Clarke.

Uhrig and Gregoire had the front on the restart with just one lap down.  Chase Belcher and Darryl Church  followed with Barry Shaw and Murphy making up row three.  Uhrig was away out of the box and Belcher leapt in under Gregoire but she pulled back ahead.  They were door-to-door into lap four until Belcher edged past and Martin appeared on her bumper.  Lap five saw Uhrig leading Belcher, Martin and Gregoire, who were door to door over fourth place.  Martin got by underneath and set his sights on Belcher.

Behind Murphy, Barry Shaw, Cavallaro and Paiva were dukeing it out for sixth.  Cavallaro dropped under Shaw for sixth and the latter began a duel with Paiva which was to last to the finish line.

Lap seven saw Cavallaro working underneath Gregoire while Paiva was working under Church behind them.  As Martin took over the lead on lap 8, Murphy moved in under Cavallaro with Paiva in pursuit.

Cavallaro had taken fourth by lap twelve, with Murphy, Paiva, Shaw and Church following.  Two laps later, Mike Duarte spun in turn one, but was able to get the handles back and keep going following a 360 degree spin.

The field was no strung out and Cavallaro elected to go around Chase Belcher, who had clung to third behind Uhrig.  Belcher got stuck outside and the train began to roll buy under him.  He finally dropped into eighth before Sanchez’ spin which set up the green-white-checker late race restart.

The top ten on the evening was completed by Belcher, Shaw, Church, Gregoire and Dan Leach.