Brittany Campbell grabbed the Bandolero Outlaws lead off the pole with Zachary Martinez dropping in from the outside to take second and Evan Marchand took third. But in the process, Martinez made contact with Campbell and she spun in turn two, bringing caution. Martinez spun mid-backstretch after the caution. They restarted from the back as Marchand and Connor Souza lined up for the restart. Souza had the front out of the box followed by Marchand, Tomassi and Mason Tessier. But the restart was called back and Souza joined Martinez and Campbell at the rear for jumping the start.

Finally, the race was underway with Marchand being chased by Maddie Harkin. But Harkin was suddenly wide and going backwards. She was at the rear into lap two with an ailing car and retired after lap nine with equipment failure. Tomassi pulled into second with Tessier and Martinez in hot pusuit while Souza was working the outside on Martinez.

By lap four, Marchand had an eight-car lead. Behind him, Tomassi was loose in turn one while Campbell had come up alongside Souza, looking for fourth. Tessier dug in under Tomassi and forged his way into second while Martinez worked in under Tomassi

Marchand continued to streak for the finish line in lap six and one cycle later, Tessier, Martinez and Souza were running nose-to-tail behind him.

But Souza’s car wiggled a bit coming down the frontstretch and he dived to the infield just short of turn one. He had to be taken off on the hook.

Marchand now had Tessier at the outside pole. Marchand went back to the lead as Martinez got under Tessier. Campbell followed and went to third as Martinez took over second. Tomassi got to fourth as Tessier dropped in for fifth.
The field was now strung out and circling madly with Marchand leading Martinez and Campbell on lap eight. Tomassi and Tessier followed. They quickly went single file and the field circled the oval, holding position all the way to the checkers. Marchand crossed the stripe for the win. Martinez was second, but was caught up in tech inspection and lost his position. Campbell was moved to second, just ahead of Tomassi. Tomassi’s third, coupled with Martinez’ DQ, gave him the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown for 2017. Tessier was fourth, just ahead of Wesley Heard.