After taking a week off to watch his father wheel his car to a second place finish, Dave Hutchins Jr had to one up his pop, and did just that, picking up his first career Late Model win. Somerset’s Tyler Thompson got the jump, and took off at the top of the leader board in the 30 lap feature. Mark Hudson hung on for second until Hutch got by on the fifth circuit. Through a handful of restarts, Thompson was able to hold onto his position, but on the final caution about lap 20 saw the move that changed the outcome.

Thompson brought the pack down, but this time Hutchins was able to stay with him, as the pair of second generation racers ran wheel to wheel for several laps. Thompson did everything he could to try and slow up Jr’s momentum, but the former S.Y.R.A. Champion was up to the task, and held his line on the outside for over 4 laps, edging ahead on lap 23, and finally closing the deal on lap 25. Once out front, it was clean sailing for Dave. While he pulled away, Thompson had his hands full with Gerry DeGasparre, who could not find a way by, and had to settle for third. Dylan Estrella and Jeramee Lillie rounded out the top five.

1) Dave Hutchins Jr 2) Tyler Thompson 3) Gerry DeGasparre Jr 4) Dylan Estrella 5) Jeramee Lillie 6) Bill Bernard 7) Bobby Pelland III Mark Hudson 9) Greg Cotter 10) Ryan Lineham 11) Mike Marfeo 12) Joe Kohler 13) Jariah Roderick