by Dana Rowe

Derek Gluchacki made it two wins in succession after missing opening night and taking a second place in his first feature of the season. It came at the expense of Shileigh Martinez who had run at the front from lap six to lap 22.

Martinez had started seventh on the field and Gluchacki twelfth. RJ Marcotte had come off the pole to lead the first three laps then given way to Reagan Parent on lap two. Marcotte had fallen victim as Mason Levesque came in underneath and then Parent wedged in below Levesque to make it three-wide. Marcotte won out but Parent remained wheel-to-wheel with Levesque and when Marcotte spun in turn four Parent and Levesque found themselves restarting on the front row. They went side-by-side through turn two as Shileigh rushed up to third and Gluchacki came along outside and into fourth.

Martinez took over second and Gluchacki ducked under Levesque. Parent took a two-car lead over Martinez who held three lengths over Gluchacki. But Luke Lebrun began emitting clouds of smoke and flashed down the front stretch with a cockpit fully clouded. He managed to keep it steady into a stop in turn one. He went off on the hook.

Parent and Martinez now faced off with Gluchacki and Levesque behind them. Out of the box they were side-by-side and into turn two. Gluchacki ducked in three wide and Martinez escaped into the lead. He continued to duel with Parent for second. They fought it out over the position, followed by Levesque and Brendan Hammann who went underneath. Gluchacki broke away from Parent while Connor Holderbach came up under Levesque.

With thirteen to go, the three leaders were running nose-to-tail followed by Hammann and Josh Parsons. The front of the field closed up and ran tight, Martinez still leading Gluchacki, Parent, Hammann and Parsons, but now with nine laps remaining, Jake Matheson had arrived on the scene with Holderbach in tow. But a spin by Eric LeBrun brought about a lap seven restart.

Martinez and Gluchacki faced off and Shileigh again took the lead in turn one. Parent drove under Gluchacki but the latter pulled ahead. Parsons and Hammann then wrapped around Parent for a three-wide and Parent dropped back. Parsons took over third with Hammann on his tail. Gluchacki was all over Martinez’ bumper, looking high and low. She suddenly went uptrack and Gluchacki and Parsons blew by underneath before she could settle back in at third.

Once more around to the checkers and Gluchacki had the win ahead of Parsons. Martinez was third, Hammann fourth and Parent fifth. Sixth went to Levesque, followed by Matheson, Trenton Goodrow, Eric LeBrun and Jacob Burns.