Mike Lefort brought both cars, and decided before the race which one to run. He made the call which enabled him to come from outside the third row to the front.

Competitors in the division were excited to get DAV action going – so much that Tyler Duchancik and Tim Ouellette tangled in turn four before taking the green. Second try saw Cliff Avila grab the lead from the pole and Alexander Manuel shoot under Tyler Almeida into second. Manuel made it a rough ride for Avila from the start, all over his bumper.

Chris Pacheco roared up on the outside from row three and began looking under Manuel. Michael Glad was under Almeida behind him. Lefort had climbed into fifth, behind Glad. They battled over position into lap ten.
Manuel piled into the lead on lap two, settling Avila into second and Pacheco began to haunt his backside. By lap 6, Manuel held onto his lead, followed by Avila who was holding off Pacheco, Glad, Lefort and Christine Cavallaro. Another circuit saw Manuel enjoying a six-car lead

Pacheco now nosed under Avila and they spent a lap battling it out. Pacheco came away with second place and Levort then got under Glad.

Manuel began lapping cars on lap ten, but Cavallaro and Kaylee Simonds came together in turn four, bringing out the caution. It took to tries to get going again, but Manuel and Pacheco brawled over the lead with Manuel finally taking the front. Avila joined them for a trio of cars running nose-to-tail. Glad followed with Lefort trying to get by. There was contact and Glad went around in turn three. Joey Morissette had to be pushed to the pits, ending his evening.
Now, Manuel went to the front again and Pacheco could not drop as Avila ran under him into second. There was contact between them and Avila dropped back again, leaving Pacheco in second.

Chris ran up to Manuel’s bumper as Lefort came under Avila into third. He moved up to Pacheco’s bumper and again the top three cars were running inches apart.

Pacheco nosed in under Manuel and dived in. He was able to push past into the lead. Lefort grabbed Manuel’s bumper and they ran as tight as before. He nosed under Manuel and ran past, then latched onto Pacheco. Manuel closed up again and at the same time, Jordan Lopes springboarded into the picture, coming past Avila. He was a short distance behind, but began to narrow the gap immediately.

Pacheco and Lefort were slicing and dicing at the front and they started trading paint. It pushed Lefort down into the dirt, but he was able to maintain control and powered up, coming away with the lead. Manuel had been waiting for an opportunity and went to Pacheco’s outside. With five laps remainining, Lefort had rocketed out to an eight-car lead while Manuel and Pacheco ran wheel-to-wheel with Lopes on their bumpers.
The next lap saw Christine Simpson go around in turn four. Lefort and Pacheco lined up with Manuel and Lopes behind them. Avila and David Westgate were row three. It was door-to-door out of the starting box, then Manuel was under Pacheco as Lefort pulled away into the lead.
Three laps remained as Lefort began building another lead and Manuel and Pacheco battled behind him. Lopes was looking for an opportunity. That came as Manuel pulled ahead of Pacheco: Lopes, ever the opportunist, bolted in underneath. He then ran hard and under Manuel into second.

Unfortunately, the race was down to the white flag lap, and Lopes found Lefort ten cars ahead. The field powered through the final lap with Lefort coming home with the trophy on the DAV Sport Four division. Lopes had second, with Manuel, Pacheco and Avila rounding out the top five. Sixth went to Westgate, followed by Cavallaro, Samantha Mattera, Almeida, Tim Bolger, Jr. and Glad.