Luke LeBrun, fresh off his first Legends feature win on the Wednesday Super Late Model event, came back to make a mad dash past Jake Matheson and then leader Trenton Goodrow to score his second feature just a week-and-a-half later.

Second on the run went to Goodrow, who was a paper-thin .047 seconds back.  Forty-seven thousandths:  if you blink, you miss it.  Matheson was third, just .319 off the winning pace.  In fact, the top six were all within the same second:  Josh Parsons at .411,  Reagan Parent at .541 and Brendan Hammann was just .841 off the pace.  It was a packed field charging across the stripe at the finish.

Jacob Burns had the pole and Luke the outside for the opener, but Burns got sideways in turn one and Goodrow got sideways trying to avoid.  Scott Serydynski, Jr. got caught up as well as Reagan Parent.  A full restart ensued.

This time, Luke pulled away from Mason Levesque and Connor Holderbach got under into second.  Parent went to third.  He then went under Holderbach into second and Goodrow went to third as Derek Gluchacki was wheel-to-wheel whee with Goodrow.  Gluchacki pushed ahead under Holderbach.

Three laps in, RJ Marcotte and Eric LeBrun made contact in the pack and Marcotte got airborne and tumbled from turn one into turn two, ending up on his wheels at the edge of the grass.  It was a red flag situation and emergency crews responded.  Marcotte, however, was able to exit the car unassisted and walk to the obligatory ambulance ride to the pits for a checking-over.  His car was still good enough to be pushed back to the pits by the emergency wagon.

Luke and Parent lined up for the restart with Goodrow and Holderbach behind them.  Dangerous Derek Gluchacki and equally dangerous Jake Matheson now inhabited the second row, with Parsons and Levesque in row three.  Lebrun was quick to the lead out of the box and Goodrow claimed second.  Parent was stuck outside and pushed forward for some door-to-door with Goodrow as LeBrun went out to a three-car lead.  Matheson got past Gluchacki onto Parsons’ bumper.

Matheson dueled with Parent, who pressed ahead, but Matheson stayed on task.  With nine laps remaining, Jake was able to get past Parent into third.

LeBrun still had a two-car lead over Goodrow and Matheson, Parent and Parsons swirled along behind them. Two laps later, however, Goodrow was under LeBrun and then into the lead.  Luke latched onto his bumper.  

But Trent managed a two-car gap as Matheson got in under Luke and into second.  The latter would not go away and latched onto Matheson’s bumper.  He then drove back under as the twin sticks went up in the starter’s hands, signaling two laps remaining.  Now, the front four (Goodrow, LeBrun, Matheson, Parsons) were running nose-to-tail, and a half-car back, Parent had Hammann glued tohis back as the white silk flew.

And it got a little bit wilder.

Lebrun pushed in under Goodrow coming into turn four, pushed past and they charged down the frontstretch side-by-side.  Inches separated them at the finish, to the tune of .047 seconds for a LeBrun win.

Following Hamman’s sixth came Gluchacki, Eric LeBrun