Following his regular season-ender victory last week, Brandon LaVoie notched an even bigger win at the D. Anthony Venditti Memorial race to give him two in a row.

            Hailey Brightman grabbed the lead off the pole, followed by Wesley Heard, Samantha Dell and LaVoie.  Heard dropped onto Brightman’s bumper and began looking for any possible alley in which to pass.  Two laps in, Hailey was loose in turn four and Heard, Dell and LaVoie got by.  Heard took over the front, but next time around, Dell got underneath.  They battled, but Wesley came loose in turn four, dropping to fourth while Dell acquired the lead.  LaVoie followed with Brightman running third.  Heard was all over her bumper.

            Midway through the 20-lapper, Dell was showing the speed she has become known for and jetted out to a half-straightaway lead. Next time around, Brightman was loose in turn four, but recovered and kept Heard at bay.

            With six laps to go, Dell was nearly a full straight ahead of her competitors.  She continued to edge ahead until she had a full straight with two to go.  Now, however, Brightman got loose again and this time, Heard could not duck out of the way.  They came together and Brightman was around and suffered some damage. She was towed pitside.

            Dell, LaVoie and Heard lined up for a green-to-checkers end to the race.  Dell took a nose and they were wheel-to-wheel in turn one.  She took over the lead in turn two.  They ran under the white flag with Dell leading Lavoie followed by Heard. Dell powered ahead for the win, but ran into an old nemesis as she rounded through turn four:  she got her wheels up on the berm, which sent her light vehicle into a spin.  LaVoie charged past for the win and Heard followed into second, leaving Samantha in third.  Brightman, two laps down in the pits, registered as fourth.