Late Models

This second tier division has been competing since the early 1980s, and has had a few name changes over their lifetime. Originally started out as the Charger class, this was a stepping stone division with an eye toward the Pro Stocks. It was started as competitors in the Pro Stock division upgraded their inventory with new rule changes and additional competitive equipment.

They may look like the Pro Stocks in many ways, including the bodies and basic chassis and cage design, but there are many differences between them. Like their big brothers, they also run a GM  or Ford Spec Crate engine, with around 360hp. The tires are a American Racer slick at 8” wide, This keeps the cars racing at a speed which is about 1 second slower than the Pro Stocks, about 13.5 seconds per lap.

In 2010, management allowed the American Canadian Tour cars to compete weekly with the Late Models, thus increasing the opportunity for competitors from other speedways to try to conquer the 1/3 mile oval without having to change their cars over to conform to Seekonk rules. In the 30+ years of the Late Models, there have been a handful of outsiders to win an event at Seekonk, proving that experience at The Action Track of the East is paramount to success there.


2015 Late Model Registration


2015 General Rules

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