Daniel Massa went right to the front and hung on there for most of the race while Jeremy Lambert scrambled up from fourth to second on the first lap to challenge the leader for the distance.

Lambert challenged Massa until he was able to get a fender ahead nearing the end of the race and gained the pole when caution flew with two laps remaining in the 25-lap feature.  They ground out the green-white-checker restart to the final inches with Lambert eking out a .037 second victory at the stripe.  Doug Benoit was third with Colby Lambert and Gil Bradstreet rounding out the top five.

Benoit, running third, was heavily involved, challenging both Massa and Lambert for position after displacing Bradstreet from third on lap 13.  Bradstreet continued to work on Benoit for the remainder of the feature.
Massa and Tommy Blackwell started on the front, and Massa quickly took the lead.  Lambert moved Blackwell back during the first circuit and Bradstreet deprived him of third a lap later. Front three battled throughout as behind them, the field disputed positions.

Lambert locked onto Massa’s bumper for the chase, but on lap 11, caution flew as Marissa Morgan spun.  Massa outran Lambert on the restart.  Lambert dropped in front of Bradstreet.  Benoit now came up on the outside, followed by Mike Henriques and Lenny Sousa and Amy Arsenault.

Benoit went to Bradstreet’s high side for the pass and they went door-to-door. Benoit finally edged into third on lap thirteen while Bradstreet glommed onto his bumper.  Colby, meanwhile, was getting under Greg Perry for eighth.  But Katie Neville spun on lap 17, bringing caution.

Massa was away again at the green and Benoit tried to get under Lambert for second.  Neville spun out of four but wisely dropped to the bottom of the track so the field could avoid her, then resumed racing without bringing caution.  Lambert went outside to pass Benoit then nosed under and they traded paint just before Neville spun again.

On the lap 20 restart, Massa again pulled away, leaving Lambert and Benoit to engage in a dogfight over second.  Benoit glued himself to Massa’s bumper while Lambert worked his outside.  Massa now had to fend Lambert off his outside, but Jeremy continued to edge ahead, getting his fender by on lap 22.  Benoit and Bradstreet brawled behind them while Henriques was working under Colby.

Lap 23 saw Morgan spin out of turn one.  The green-white-checker restart saw Jeremy nose ahead and then seesawed the lead with Massa.  Benoit went to third.  The mad dash around the white flag lap saw the two leaders going at it, hammer-and-tongs to the line, where Lambert had a victory by mere inches.  Behind them, Benoit grabbed third, while Colby overtook Bradstreet for fourth.  Bradstreet grabbed fifth.

Rounding out the top ten were:  Arsenault, Henriques, Sousa, DJ Pires and Perry.