Ashley Kuhn of Plymouth, MA survived a crash fest that grounded half her competitors, then hung tough after falling to the back of the field of 3 cars remaining to come from behind, then win going away in SYRA 750 action at the DAV.

Somerset’s Dave Hutchins, Jr. led off from the pole with Kaitlyn Donovan of Waterford, CT on his outside. Fairhaven, MA driver Adam Swift and Nate Bubello of Holliston, MA were the second row, with Jacob Swift of Fairhaven and Kuhn behind them.

Coming off the start, Hutchins spun in the second turn and went to the rear of the field. Donovan had Adam Swift on the outside got the start and went to the lead.  Bubello went underneath and created a three-wide situation with Donavan and Swift above him.  Bubello gained the lead in turn four, while Hutchins was coming around the whole field.  Adam Swift tapped Hutchins and he spun, with the entire field scattering to avoid.  Donovan did well, navigating through a cavorting group of mini cup cars to emerge unscathed.  She moved into the lead over Jacob Swift.  Adam spun in turn 4 and then Jacob was around a half lap later, on the backstretch.  Both left for the pits.  Only Adam was able to return.  On the restart, Donovan and Kuhn led Bubello and Swift out of the box.  Donovan grabbed the lead, and Kuhn settled into second.

With Donovan moving away, Swift began to attempt an underneath pass on Kuhn in lap 3.  They diced it up for two laps with Swift going to second.  Bubello began falling back and went to the pits on the next lap.

Into lap 8, Donovan led Swift and Kuhn.  But Kuhn gathered it up and on lap 18 moved under Swift for second.  Donovan had a 30-yard lead on lap 17.  But Kuhn bore down and began edging up on the leader.  On lap 20, the lead had narrowed to 15 yards.

Kuhn got under Donovan and into the lead on lap 23.  Donovan began to overtake, but was unable to make up her distance before the checkered flag, giving Kuhn a well-earned victory. Donovan was second with Swift gaining third.  Of the off-track cars, Bubello came in fourth, with 5 laps of 25 complete.  Jacob Swift was fifth and Hutchins sixth, both with but one lap completed.